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Precaution and the electromagnetic challenge.

Many have expressed concern about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). To be specific, we live in a sea of electrical impulses universe-generated and from modern inventions. Past generations were not faced with devices, implements, and equipment such as high-tension wires, cellular phones, electric heating pads, microwave ovens, electric shavers, and computer screens. While no hard scientific proof exists that the emission of technological wonders are eventually fatal, there is a growing body of evidence indicating that they may be hazardous to one's health.

The author has discussed the problem with leading professors of physics. An interesting diversity of opinion was observed. Those physicists who were "hard-minded" in their scientific approach and went "strictly by the data" down-played potential damage. Equally competent scientists who displayed a more humanistic concern were apprehensive about potential dangers.

What Can Be Done?

Assuming there is at least a strong probability that many electrical inventions are dangerous, the following steps would seem prudent:

1. Limitation of exposure: If electromagnetic waves can change the body, the amount of harm done should be proportional to the exposure involved. Common sense indicates that while occasional use of a cellular phone may be innocuous, many hours spent using this instrument may be cumulatively dangerous.

2. Avoidance of Faulty Equipment: Individuals using a pacemaker are cautioned to avoid proximity to a microwave oven. There are profuse emissions from a microwave oven. What is not so generally known is that old or faulty microwave ovens "leak" to a high degree. Equipment should be replaced on a periodic basis. (Consumers can now obtain testing devices that indicate if microwave ovens are "leaking" a dangerous degree of radiation.)

3. Location: Avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation if offered a choice of living in a house or apartment near high voltage overhead electric lines, one should opt for areas away from these wires. Several studies indicate that children exposed to the radiation from these wires may be at a higher risk of developing childhood leukemia.

4. Public Action: Individuals can join or form groups which, one hopes, can protect the population against high-level EMR. Agitation for underground wires, such as are found in some large cities, may persuade utilities to insulate such transmission equipment and away from where it may form a source of potential danger. Consumer groups can demand competent scientific studies of all hazardous electrical equipment. The public should also insist on rating systems indicating at what point one might anticipate danger, how much time with equipment may be considered safe, and how equipment can be used to the highest degree of safety.

A diet rich in antioxidants based on vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds is the keystone to a healthful approach in this area.

5. Nutrition: Elimination of red meat in the diet certainly seems wise. A sufficient amount of liquids (not in the form of coffee, tea, or caffeinated beverages) is another cornerstone of the body's protective system. The avoidance of artificially flavored, preserved, smoked, or gene-manipulated products, may be another prudent measure. A limitation of saturated fat in the diet from animal sources is generally recognized as a vital step in protecting health. The use of healthful nutritional supplements featuring beta carotene, vitamin C, natural vitamin E, B complex factors, and minerals such as selenium and zinc should be urgently considered.
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Author:Zimmerman, Philip W.
Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Mar 22, 1993
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