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Pre-sales system from National Datacomputer.

Pre-Sales System from National Datacomputer

A pre-sales system that eliminates the conventional route book has been introduced by National Datacomputer, Inc. (NDI)

According to NDI, the Route Service system is based on a hand-held computer, and uses software designed by and for beer distributors.

NDI says that the system functions as an electronic routebook, allowing the route salesperson to record and print orders, deliveries and payments at the customer site, and then transmit the data to the corporate host computer. NDI reports that the latest release of the Route Service System software, v4.30, is targeted at route service and beverage operations.

NDI says that the system can help route and corporate managers by providing tighter inventory control, eliminating data entry mistakes, and saving time and mailing costs.

National says the system can eliminate tedious paperwork and simplify the pre-sales task. The system is a "plain vanilla" MS-DOS compatible product, National states, and uses no proprietary languages. The company says that the flexibility for expansion of services is built into the product.

NDI's electronic messaging has been improved to provide customer tagging and route-to-office messaging, the company says. In addition, several new route functions have been added, including customer and truck inventory, equipment tracking and a full route accounting summary. NDI says the release also features user-definable parameters to enable a user to customize the system.

The Route Service System runs on the NDI DC3.0 Datacomputer, hand-held with a 10 x 26 display, full-sized numeric keypad and internal 1200 baud modem. A 40- or 80-column printer is also available.

For more information, contact Dianna Fanning, National Datacomputer, Inc., 900 Middlesex Turnpike, Bldg. 5, Billerica, MA, 01821. Tel: (800) 346-1006.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 20, 1992
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