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Praying into the equidistance.

Praying Into the Equidistance

 You must learn to say prayers
 that become time travelers,
 prayers that can trumpet past
 a guilty conscience, past our attics
 of guess and superstition.

 You must find a way to enter
 into the flash of nerve processes
 that blink like road signs in the mind
 and see the world from the core
 of what makes them tick.

 You must pray past the mantra
 and beads, past the guru, the priest,
 the sounds of little bells, the wonder
 of fire, the clean repetition of air
 rushing in and out of your lungs.

 You must find a way to turn the inner
 citadel of the soul into a thing
 of light, then follow it above, beyond
 and through the merchandise
 of matter, the clatter of regret,

 the distractions doubt brings on its
 frail but deadly wings. You must
 coax the ego and id to follow; lead
 them like lambs into the mystery,
 and let them graze until they're full.

Fredrick Zydek lives in Omaha, Nebraska His most recent books are Tacopachuk: The Buckle) Poems (Winthrop, 2004) and Dreaming on the Other Side of Time (Holmes House, 2004).
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Title Annotation:Poetry
Author:Zydek, Fredrick
Article Type:Poem
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jun 1, 2004
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