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Praying Our Goodbyes: A Spiritual Companion Through Life's Losses and Sorrows.

Praying Our Goodbyes: A Spiritual Companion Through Life's Losses and Sorrows by Joyce Rupp Notre Dame, IN: Ave Maria Press, rev. ed. 2009 ($15.95 US)


Twenty years ago, Sister Joyce Rupp wrote what would become a classic on the spiritual journey of walking through valleys of pain and sorrow. Since that time, she lost her beloved mother, dear friends and other relatives, as well as walking with myriad other people as they struggled with job loss, worried for their adult children, faced clinical depression, suffered trauma, or faced life-threatening illness. She reminds us that these journeys "do not conclude with good-bye but are followed by 'hellos,' ... with the pattern of growth as one of 'life, death, resurrection,' [providing] both solace and hope." Sr. Joyce reminds us that "Someday you will be at peace. You will discover happiness again. Your wounded self will be healed, and you will grow strong wings to carry you forward. You will find not only that you can go on, but that you want to do so."
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Title Annotation:Resources for Parish Nurses
Publication:Parish Nurse Perspectives
Date:Jun 22, 2009
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