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Prayers of the people: a portrait of our church.

On Sunday morning at General Assembly, commissioners met in table groups to write prayers for the Presbyterian Church. These prayers were read to the assembly later in the morning.


These are but a few of those prayers. They represent the hopes and wishes of the gathered, and form a portrait of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Dear God, help us to love one another as you love us, unconditionally as a mother or father loves their children. Help us to have respect for one another, to be loving, accepting and welcoming to all people. In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, neither male nor female, neither free nor bound, neither gay nor straight.

Help us to love all humanity, to be caring, understanding, and to help one another; we believe you love all your children.

We pray that we would have eyes to see as you see, that your will for our collective life would be clearly discerned by us.

Please bless all your children and bring your salvation and healing to everyone.

I pray for those who hold to traditional marriage and traditional ordination ethics, that they might sense their worth and gifts are important to the PCC, even as they feel forced to consider other church fellowships, although they have served this church or been apart of it for many years.

Lord, teach us, who can be so divided, to be one as you are one. Teach us how to be one without compromising your truth or who we know ourselves to be. Teach us to be one in love and care, that you may be seen in us in just those places that drive a wedge between us. Lord, you are capable of more than we can imagine. Take those places where we have feared division and name calling, and let us find a grace we did not expect to see. By the spirit that surprises us often, surprise us in the love, charity and care manifest in us, your church.

Heavenly Father, in response to your great love, we pray that you will fill us with the Holy Spirit so that we can discern your direction, so that all of us who you have uniquely created can be accepted, loved, and welcomed, and have the opportunity to be authentic and share the gifts that you have given us without being held back due to fear or condemnation, as you are the giver of grace and the only true judge.

Dear Lord, forgive us, help us to be like your son, Jesus Christ; be merciful to us.

Lord give us the strength to make the right decisions.

God, break the power of fear among us, and lead us to a place of safety, justice and welcome.

Thank you, Creator God, for your presence among us as we discern your will. May your inclusive kingdom come; a time and place and attitude of joyful abundance, of generous hospitality, of genuine healing, of grace-filled love and justice for all. Your kingdom come, your will be done. Surprise us with your love and grace once again so we may see you in afresh and new way. Everlasting God, pour over your church your love, grace, power and truth so we may proclaim your kingdom, seek your will to be a faithful people in word and deed and witness your Son's coming.

We pray that those who feel they are excluded feel part of the dialogue and not just the object of the conversation.

Dear God, help us to live our faith daily by being open to what is different, loving to those who are hurting and always mindful of the needs and desires of others.


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