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Prayer isn't solving refugees' plight; LETTERS.

WE are witnessing daily through the medium of television, the nightmare and terror that migrant families are experiencing in their pursuit of security and stability even though it may only be transitory.

Yet through the pulpits of our Christian churches we are asked to pray for these unfortunate refugees, and for God in his infinite wisdom to help and support them in order that their circumstances and their anguish will improve, all this is to be achieved through prayer. This appears to be the only offering the church suggests: prayer.

If prayer were a currency what value would you put on it? To me it appears to be valueless. What is the church doing while this mass "Exodus" is happening? Where are they? The vast wealth that the Christian church has amassed, and yet all they can offer in my eyes is a valueless currency. It is not prayer or a divine being that will change things, although prayer in itself might make one feel better, it's the united nations working together and helping to stabilise the countries they are escaping from, countries we have interfered with and totally messed up: it's the least we owe these people.

Gerard Tobin, Gyffin, Conwy.

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Aug 26, 2015
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