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Prayer breakfast supports government officials.

ON MAY 31, the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto hosted the Ontario Prayer Breakfast, an event to support local and provincial government officials.

In attendance was Rev. Will Ingram, a longtime planning team member and minister at St. Andrew's King Street, Toronto.

Chad Bark, an elder from Glenview, Toronto, also attended with Rev. Derek Macleod. He has attended nearly all of the 44 previous prayer breakfasts, initially with his father and then with his pastor following his dad's death 10 years ago.

Speaking at the event was Dr. Jane Philpott, daughter of Presbyterians Wally and Audrey Little. She spoke about suffering, both personal and worldwide, indicating a need for care and response in the face of increasing apathy.
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Title Annotation:Community News
Author:Smit, Miriam
Publication:Presbyterian Record
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Date:Jul 1, 2012
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