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Pray for the Blue Meanies.

A CHURCH is asking its congregation to pray for people with "a most difficult job" - traffic wardens.

Since the privatised Blue Meanies started operating in Edinburgh two weeks ago, elders in one city church have become concerned by the bad feeling aimed at parking attendants.

Now they will be remembered in the prayers at St George's West Church, with a plea to members to forgive those who trespass against them - particularly on the roads.

Kirk minister the Rev Peter MacDonald said the prayers were meant to make people think more generously about the Blue Meanies.

He said: "I've had parking tickets myself and called the traffic wardens everything under the sun. But then traffic jams are caused by people parking where they shouldn't and we complain about that as well.

"The prayers remember people who work to make our community a better place and traffic wardens are only doing their job.

"We are aware of the difficulties and our prayers will help people to think carefully about what wardens do."

Parishioners of the kirk, in Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, will be asked to remember "traffic wardens and others who do a difficult job" in their prayers this Friday.
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Oct 25, 1998
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