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Pray for mom, not to her.

I would like to respond to the November Glad You Asked column ("Can I pray to my deceased mom as I do to saints?") by Heather Grennan Gary. It is comforting to ask for the intercession of a deceased loved one, but is it comforting for you or for the one you are petitioning? In Grennan Gary's effort to treat this subject with a loving human touch, she neglects to place focus on the true central issue.

Those who depart from this world may or may not be with God automatically. We simply do not know their circumstances. This is why the primary focus on the departed needs to be placed on prayer for them rather than on asking for their intercession for us.

Aileen Palumbo

Kent, Wash.
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Title Annotation:you may be right
Author:Palumbo, Aileen
Publication:U.S. Catholic
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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