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Praxair introduces Membrane Nitrogen and Compressed Air Dryer modules.

Praxair, Inc. (NYSE:PX) has announced that Innovative Membrane Systems, Inc. (IMS), a wholly-owned Praxair subsidiary, is introducing Membrane Nitrogen Generation and Compressed Air Dryer modules as reliable, cost-effective, alternative point-of-use sources of supply for small-volume users of gaseous nitrogen and dry air.

These products utilize Praxair's patent-pending membrane process technology and Hankison International's prefiltration and design technology. Praxair Distribution, Inc., also a Praxair subsidiary, and Hankison are the exclusive master distributors of these modules.

Available in a wide range of sizes, the units have flow rates of up to 474 standard cubic feet per hour of nitrogen and 90 standard cubic feet per minute of dry air from a single module. They can typically produce nitrogen in a purity range of 95.0 to 99.5 percent, with higher purity levels available. The air dryers are capable of producing various degrees of dryness. With no moving parts or electrical requirements, the state-of-the-art module can improve productivity and safety by eliminating the need for nitrogen cylinder change-outs and handling.

"These products are exciting additions to our full line of membrane nitrogen production and gas drying systems. They respond to a growing demand for affordable point-of-use alternatives for supply of nitrogen or dry air in flows as low as 10 cubic feet per hour," said IMS president Mike Miller. "They eliminate the time, labor and space requirements of cylinders and separate delivery systems required for central generation of these gases. That's great news for customers who would benefit from dry air or the dry, inert qualities of nitrogen in processes or equipment used for a wide range of applications in the Metal Fabrication, Laser Gases, Laboratories, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Hydrocarbon Processing, and Food and Beverage industries."

Installation is made fast and simple by attaching the modularized membrane unit and associated pre-filters to the customer's existing compressed air process piping system. The modules are wall-mounted using brackets that are supplied with the units thereby freeing up significant floor space relative to other supply alternatives. The prefilter systems included in the drying and nitrogen generation modules have been designed and supplied by Hankison International.

"The development of these product lines took less than a year due to a leveraging of the core competencies of IMS, in the area of nitrogen separation with Hankison's experience in compressed air systems and coalescing filtration," said Don Ranalli, president of Hankison International.

Innovative Membrane Systems, Inc., is a world leader in the development and manufacture of gas separation systems and products using proprietary composite hollow fiber membrane technology. Their ISO-9001 certified facility produces a variety of advanced membrane products for applications including nitrogen generation, oxygen enrichment of air, carbon dioxide removal, hydrogen separation, helium purification and gas dehydration.

Praxair Distribution, Inc. and its subsidiaries provide a full range of industrial, medical and specialty gases, welding supplies, beverage carbonation and homecare services in the U.S. and Canada.

More information about the Nitrogen Membrane Module can be found at www.praxair. com/n2module.
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