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Prankster or a demented brain?

MISCHIEF-makers and pranksters abound.

And there's no knowing what or who their next target would be and what mischief they have in mind.

An innocent prank or smile-inducing mischief is often forgiven and forgotten but not financial damage, harassment or breaking the law. A week ago, I found my car's number plate in the front spray-painted black by someone.

Mischievous kid, prankster, or mistaken identity, I am not sure why it was done. My car wasn't obstructing any vehicle and was, in fact, parked against the wall, along with many other vehicles.

Tampering with the number plate of any vehicle is a crime and I had to run to and fro to the police station and then to get the plate changed spending time and money.

I hope the person who did it had fun doing it, even if it was at my expense!

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Publication:Qatar Tribune (Doha, Qatar)
Date:Feb 16, 2014
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