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Pram ban is simply absurd.

THE phrase 'health and safety gone mad' is overused in modern society. However, when you hear that a Sure Start centre has banned the use of prams and cites health and safety as the reason, I am not sure that 'mad' is a strong enough word.

I appreciate that health and safety and even red tape does have a role in modern society but the idea of banning prams from a building designed to support parents and children is simply crazy.

Those in charge of this centre and Darlington Borough Council must see sense and ensure that parents are able to bring a pram into a children's support centre. This is yet another example of someone in a back office coming up with a policy that on paper sounds sensible but in reality is completely impractical. What we need is a common sense approach to health and safety.

As all parents will tell you, leaving expensive prams unattended (in a designated area or not) outside, where they could get wet and cold, is a ludicrous idea. It could lead to them becoming uncomfortable, unusable, damaged or even stolen. Darlington Council needs to address this absurd situation immediately.

Parents and young children are entitled to use this support centre with ease and they should not be forced to jump through hoops to make use of it.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 4, 2015
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