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Articles from Prairie Schooner (September 22, 2019)

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Title Author Type Words
A darling. Westmor, Tara Poem 359
A Memorial Shed. Xiang, He Poem 293
A Thousand Ships. Mandelbaum, Becky Short story 7438
Absence. Balakian, Peter Poem 129
After Suicide. Arinzechukwu, Akpa Poem 176
An Argument. Scates, Maxine Poem 435
An Elegy for All the Birds of This World. Arinzechukwu, Akpa Poem 366
An Old Man Drew a Circle. Xiang, He Poem 400
Arrangements. Martinez, Chloe Poem 150
Basement, 1997. Chamness, Fiona Poem 213
Be Good. Xiang, He Poem 395
Before and After. Scates, Maxine Poem 330
Blood. Sylvain, Patrick Poem 209
Camp. Boutris, Despy Poem 413
Chapel, Chapel: The Jonathan Sutra No. 1. Shuler, Iggy Poem 185
Claire Lombardo, The Most Fun We Ever Had. Hicks, David Book review 960
Collapse Dance. Chamness, Fiona Poem 269
Contributors. 2648
Covenant. Manthey, Jennifer Poem 208
Cover. VanWormer, Gretchen Short story 1800
Duckling Dance. Xiang, He Poem 794
Emperor Penguins on the Square. Xiang, He Poem 418
Every Time It Rains, A Requiem. Saltmarsh, Hannah Baker Poem 289
Faith. Boutris, Despy Poem 280
False Sun. Balogh, Timea Short story 5820
From a Woman Who Wants to Be Objectified in the Ways She Wants to Be. Saltmarsh, Hannah Baker Poem 1551
Grape Leaves. Balakian, Peter Poem 125
Harm. Fitzgerald, Willie Short story 6427
Historical Record. Westmor, Tara Poem 381
How I Failed to Stop the War. Knight, Lynne Poem 230
I am asked about my faith. Manthey, Jennifer Poem 192
If a Grosbeak Doesn't Use Its Beak the Men Would Mistake It for a Vagina. Arinzechukwu, Akpa Poem 152
Inheritance. Daye, Tyree Poem 145
Letters Back Home. Swingen, M. Lock Poem 790
Lifespans. Hurt, Rochelle Short story 3528
Like Every Good Boy I Look Forward to Meeting My (The)Rapist. Arinzechukwu, Akpa Poem 235
Loose Teeth. Henderson, Isabel (American poet) Poem 631
Luxuria. Boutris, Despy Poem 475
Mandala of the Soapy Water. Martinez, Chloe Poem 339
me and the king. Stefanescu, Alina Poem 121
My Father's Birthday Before I Was Born. Bedick, Robert Poem 213
My Grandfather's Money. Chamness, Fiona Poem 1018
My Son Sings in Church. Manthey, Jennifer Poem 150
Nakshi Kanthas. Islam, Sabrina Short story 589
News of Previous Contributors. 771
Night dixains. Etienne, Marie Poem 845
Options. Ma-Kellams, Christine Short story 3476
playing possum. Stefanescu, Alina Poem 375
Prodigal. Groff, David Poem 547
Promises in the attic. Westmor, Tara Poem 302
Segues. Looney, George Poem 524
Shaindel Beers. Secure Your Own Mask. Small-McKinney, Amy Book review 1161
She Came from the Sea. Eagleton, Julia Short story 4273
Sight Lines. Swann, Brian Poem 767
Slippage. Knight, Lynne Poem 262
Sul ponticello. Stefanescu, Alina Poem 138
Summer Ode. Balakian, Peter Poem 212
The Interrogation. Knight, Lynne Poem 319
The Secret. Knight, Lynne Poem 504
The shards, blooming. Westmor, Tara Poem 309
There Was Planned Work. Xiang, He Poem 193
Tryna Get Right with God. Urania, Chioma Poem 322
Vista Hermosa. Scates, Maxine Poem 337
Walnut. Balakian, Peter Poem 113
What I Knew. Xiang, He Poem 288
Which Ever Way. Daye, Tyree Poem 246
Would You Miss Me? Daye, Tyree Poem 179
Yan Lianke, tr. Carlos ERojas. The Day the Sun Died. Graham, Oliver; Rojas, Carlos Book review 976

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