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Articles from Prairie Schooner (September 22, 2018)

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Title Author Type Words
1973. Quinlan, Jennifer Poem 197
A Trinity Plus One. Murray, Robin L. Poem 120
Addressing the Dead. Kohler, Sandra Poem 291
After the Fall of the Dictatorship. Boyle, Kevin (American educator) Poem 375
Against Whatever Holds You Down. Michael, Ann E. Poem 229
Analicia Sotelo. Virgin. Loyd, Jennifer Book review 1392
Ash on the Tongue. Fargason, William Poem 349
Asking After You. Caudill, Damian Poem 237
Beyond Elegy. Lamson, Brandon Dean Poem 186
Chelonia Mydas (Green Sea Turtle). Sewell, Lisa Poem 611
Claudia Cortese. Wasp Queen. Balkun, Stacey Book review 1020
Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness. Beaulier, Anemone Poem 283
Composting. Gaffney, Austyn Essay 4077
Crafts. Chitwood, Michael Poem 116
Dementia and the Diaspora of Family. Smith, Cody Poem 282
Demographic Futures. Nguyen, Phong Short story 5459
Detasseling. Quinlan, Jennifer Poem 225
Driving West on I-75. Easter, Mary Moore Poem 277
Even in Dark Times. Easter, Mary Moore Poem 114
Fresh Tracks. McLarney, Rose Poem 278
Hangover Angel. Loya, Eric Poem 150
His Mother Was Sick. Bradley, Anthony Isaac Poem 253
I Told Him I Was Too Far from Home for Him to Keep Falling. Smith, Cody Poem 283
Icarus in the Holy Land: Moments of Frailty. MacLeod, Jennifer Tzivia Essay 4569
In Summer. Griffin, Emelie Poem 163
Inheritance. Black, Candace Poem 133
Instructions for Assembly. Slaughter, Erin Short story 1760
Kukawa. Tolase, Ajibola Poem 196
Magnolia Grove. Lamson, Brandon Dean Poem 273
My Mother and I Star in 'There Will Be Blood'. Lee, Jessica Poem 168
Natascha Kampusch. Koesters, Adrian Gibbons Poem 132
News of Previous Contributors. Recommended readings 1303
On Our Thirty-Sixth Wedding Anniversary. Kohler, Sandra Poem 999
Outside Arcadia. Quinlan, Jennifer Poem 177
Parable. Malboeuf, Jennie Poem 220
Past the Boardwalk. Kersten, Courtney Essay 6322
Philomel and the Problem of Referents While Being Ladylike. Ryle, Ashley Danielle Poem 168
Rainless Season. Michael, Ann E. Poem 216
Rupture. Chavatel, Caroline Poem 561
Self-Portrait Fashioned from a Few Things I'll Never Be. Miles, Wendy Poem 178
Set One Free. Griffin, Emelie Poem 219
St. Joseph's Day, Star of the Sea: Saint Roch, New Orleans, 2016. Young, Andy (American college teacher) Poem 439
Strawberry Pickers, Nauvoo. Smith, Todd (American poet) Poem 158
The Black Madonna Speaks of War. Kai, Nubia Poem 673
The Difference Between a Raven and a Crow. Plante, Osel Jessica Poem 327
The Glass Factory. Thach, Vanni Short story 5017
The Gun That Won the West. Griffiths, Sian Essay 4863
The Jaguar--Untold Story. Dabydeen, Cyril Short story 1334
The Navy Wife's Notes on Texas Wind. Plante, Osel Jessica Poem 339
The Night After the Inauguration I Dream. Lee, Jessica Poem 178
The Orange Emperor Has No Clothes. Reneau, Henry, Jr. Poem 251
The Rainbow Head. Anyaegbuna, Jekwu Short story 2914
The Slide of Living. Tesfaye, Magdelawit M. Sonnet 114
The Song You Know. Miles, Wendy Poem 118
The Spirit. Hemmert, Andrew Poem 284
Tide: Glosa. Pitkin, Anne Poem 401
Triticum Durum. Smith, Todd (American poet) Poem 131
Unmarried, Late Twenties. Boyle, Kevin (American educator) Poem 345
Vacation. Crew, Caroline Essay 2895
Veteran Sleeper. Maksymchuk, Oksana Poem 205
Winter in St. Augustine. Myers, Jason (American poet) Poem 306
Wood Wound. Bromiley, Evanthia Essay 4670

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