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Articles from Prairie Schooner (September 22, 2011)

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Title Author Type Words
[White Paper #15]. Collins, Martha Poem 131
[White Paper #25]. Collins, Martha Poem 115
[White Paper #33]. Collins, Martha Poem 126
A Lick's a Mistake a Creek Tries to Forget. Schwerer, Eric Poem 168
Abstraction Is Enchanted Ground and I Have Something Terrible to Paint Before Harvest Time. Alvarez, Desiree Poem 157
After Her Stroke, My Mother Tells Me the Best Way to Dry Clothes. Powell, Dannye Romine Poem 166
All the Answers. Suermondt, Tim Poem 111
Allium. Furmanski, Lisa Poem 172
Anis Shivani. Anatolia and Other Stories. Baker, Sybil Book review 1439
Anne Marie Macari. She Heads into the Wilderness. Sailer, Susan Shaw Book review 940
At the Magnolia Hotel. Adams, Lavonne J. Poem 142
At the Rothko Chapel. Friman, Alice Poem 257
Bad Luck. Schraffenberger, J.D. Poem 489
Black and White. Adams, Lavonne J. Poem 171
Bridge. Scates, Maxine Poem 256
Camera Obscura. Roy, Lucinda Poem 354
Car. Pierce, Todd James Poem 243
Cherry Pit and Long Tawl. Elbe, Susan Poem 224
Clapboards. Potts, Lynne Poem 192
Communion. Schraffenberger, J.D. Poem 170
Counting Sheep. Pastan, Linda Poem 220
Djelloul Marbrook. Brushstrokes and Glances. Roxman, Susanna Book review 1295
Dunethin Rock, Maroochydore. Callen, Roger Poem 131
Early Explorer's Journal. Alvarez, Desiree Poem 140
Easier. Wisniewski, Mark Poem 349
Elephants. Cockroft, Martin Poem 130
Exile. Ludwin, Peter Poem 260
Field Trip to the American Museum of Natural History. Bargowski, John Poem 195
From the interim senior editor. Editorial 329
Here and There. Brehm, John Poem 339
Here. Brehm, John Poem 169
Homemade. Elbe, Susan Poem 220
Hounds. Brewin, Mark Jay, Jr. Poem 1178
In a Small Room. Wagoner, David Poem 187
Instamatic. Brogdon, Andrew Poem 171
It's Been a Long Time Since I Talked with a Mountain. Terwilliger, Kelly Poem 417
Johnson's Ground. Graves, Jesse Poem 433
Kathleen O'Toole. Meanwhile: Poems by Kathleen O'Toole. Mysko, Madeleine Book review 1332
Ladies' Night at the Shooting Range. Maile, Bethany Essay 7043
Like a Car Wreck. Higgins, Eric Poem 157
Living a Peaceful Hour. Terwilliger, Kelly Poem 256
Living. Radin, Doris Poem 237
Lumber. Wagoner, David Poem 163
Makeup. Davis, Pamela (American poet) Poem 192
Man on Wire, Woman on Couch, Screaming. Luterman, Alison Poem 423
Michael Hettich. Like Happiness. Kunkel, Marianne Book review 1959
News of previous contributors. List 1199
Night Fishing. Evans, Kerry James Poem 797
Night in the Boxer Rebellion. Su, Wanling Poem 233
Nothing to See Here. Welch, Tana Jean Poem 183
Off, Into Eternity. Morris, Michael S. Poem 471
On the Fifth Anniversary of My Mother's Death. Powell, Dannye Romine Poem 218
Picasso's Eyes. Friman, Alice Poem 351
Pinky Ring. Bargowski, John Poem 128
Rain Was an Old Barn. Ellis, Rebecca Poem 193
Ranchos Church, Taos, 1929. Adams, Lavonne J. Poem 121
Responding to Neruda's Book of Questions 17. Callen, Roger Poem 157
Retreat into Night (Wave, Night, 1928). Adams, Lavonne J. Poem 135
Rhapsody. Skloot, Floyd Poem 144
Rough Calligraphy. Higgins, Eric Poem 326
Sabbath Poem. Jacques, Rob Poem 213
Shucking Peas. Morris, Michael S. Poem 252
Skull. Ludwin, Peter Poem 180
Source. Scates, Maxine Poem 215
St. Paul. Graves, Jesse Poem 1008
Stage Fright. Wagoner, David Poem 177
Starry Clusters. Scates, Maxine Poem 368
Stealth. Roy, Lucinda Poem 327
Sunflowers. Elbe, Susan Poem 105
Susan Terris. The Homelessness of Self. Foust, Rebecca Book review 2160
The Hired Mourner. Pastan, Linda Poem 227
The Home Jar. Zafris, Nancy Short story 4873
The Life and Psalms of the Late Shlomo Solomon. Seitel, Jane Poem 1384
The Orsay. Bausch, Ladd Poem 216
The Previous Owner. Heller, Jamie Lynn Poem 193
The Quarry. Furmanski, Lisa Poem 158
The Way. Radin, Doris Poem 152
Their Marriage Fifty Years In. Elbe, Susan Poem 196
Threads. McCabe, Nancy Essay 6030
Three Canes. Seitel, Jane Poem 363
To My Nephew on His Tenth Birthday. Pierce, Todd James Poem 419
Vivian Shipley. All of Your Messages Have Been Erased. Ramspeck, Doug; Sutton-Ramspeck, Beth Book review 527
Watching the Pelican Die. Gillan, Maria Mazziotti Poem 1143
We Could Have Been Mother and Daughter. Radin, Doris Poem 177
We Don't Know What We Need. Higgins, Eric Poem 182
We Move to a House Where He Never Lived. Read, Laura Poem 240
What Remains. Welch, Tana Jean Poem 263
Wintering. Furmanski, Lisa Poem 117
Working First Shift at the Progresso Soups Factory. Brewin, Mark Jay, Jr. Poem 733

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