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Articles from Prairie Schooner (June 22, 2008)

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A Brief History of English Romanticism. Kumin, Maxine Poem 277
Abandoned Dome. Bar-Nadav, Hadara Poem 143
Alice Friman. The Book of the Rotten Daughter. Kallet, Marilyn Book review 1034
American Beech. Fay-Leblanc, Gibson Poem 121
An Insanity, a Madness, a Furor. Rinaldi, Nicholas Short story 3167
Anagram America. Duhamel, Denise Poem 523
And. Brown, Bill (American poet) Poem 185
Ax Handle. Chin, Marilyn Short story 726
Beast of Burden. Chin, Marilyn Short story 842
Black Ice. Echelberger, Matthew Poem 398
Black Overcoat. Anderson, Maggie (American writer) Poem 159
Blank Journal. Skloot, Floyd Poem 156
Bronik Returns to Vienna. Hochstein, Rolaine Short story 5270
Burn. Anderson, Maggie (American writer) Poem 252
Choose. Krysl, Marilyn Poem 206
Coleridge's Laundry. Kumin, Maxine Poem 202
Colette Inez. Spinoza Doesn't Come Here Anymore. Halligan, J.K. Book review 593
Deposition. Flenniken, Kathleen Poem 323
Dominion Over Every Erring Thing. Amend, Allison Short story 7537
Double Tossing and Turning. Duhamel, Denise Poem 287
Dream Highway. Thiel, Diane Poem 160
Erato's Instruction. Cairns, Scott Poem 205
Farm Scene, Horses and Barn. Scheele, Roy Poem 176
Fields, Ribbons, Folds: Somatic Landscapes for Zaha Hadid. Bar-Nadav, Hadara Poem 542
Frannie Lindsay. Lamb. Stewart-Nunez, Christine Book review 1898
Friendship Circle. Lindsay, Frannie Poem 180
Gerald Vizenor. Almost Ashore: Selected Poems. Gannon, Tom Book review 1777
Having It All. Su, Adrienne Poem 206
Herb Parker Feels Like Dancing. Flenniken, Kathleen Poem 451
Illuminated Ms. of the Maqamat of Hariri. Scheele, Roy Poem 137
Jeanne d'Arc, Imprisoned. Kennedy, Sarah Poem 280
Julianna Baggott. Lizzie Borden in Love: Poems in Women's Voices. Shipers, Carrie Book review 666
Kevin Prufer. Fallen from a Chariot. Satterfield, Jane Book review 1245
Letter to an Old Poet. Cairns, Scott Poem 160
Letter to Emma Bovary. Fisher-Wirth, Ann Poem 414
Letters from La Paz. Thiel, Diane Poem 496
Lilies. Rekdal, Paisley Poem 290
Lines on the West Resist Translation. Tracy, D.H. Poem 219
Love, That Hugeness. Krysl, Marilyn Poem 294
Luna. Serizawa, Asako Short story 5332
Marco Polo in the Old Hotel. Mason, David (American college teacher) Poem 214
Maxine Kumin. Still to Mow. Moscaliuc, Mihaela Book review 1659
Mother's Day, 2003, Flying Westward. Kennedy, Sarah Poem 227
Mr. No Class, USA. McCarriston, Linda (American educator) Poem 150
New World. Mason, David (American college teacher) Poem 120
Ohio 13. Campana, Joseph (American poet) Poem 166
Ohio 661. Campana, Joseph (American poet) Poem 175
Parable. Cairns, Scott Poem 177
Peaches and Glass Jar. Scheele, Roy Poem 185
Pink Paperclip. Peacock, Molly Poem 154
Poem. Mattawa, Khaled Poem 442
Post-industrial. McCarriston, Linda (American educator) Poem 219
Rhubarb. Rekdal, Paisley Poem 183
Second Growth. Echelberger, Matthew Poem 141
Shoreline. Echelberger, Matthew Poem 139
Skinless Love. Bar-Nadav, Hadara Poem 150
Song of Some Ruins. Krysl, Marilyn Poem 246
Summer. Su, Adrienne Poem 180
Symposium. Kumin, Maxine Poem 196
The Age of Infidelity. Sayers, Valerie Short story 7014
The Ambassador. Prufer, Kevin Poem 367
The Art of Pleasure. Bar-Nadav, Hadara Poem 160
The Astronomer's Complaint. Prufer, Kevin Poem 135
The Calf-Bearer. Scheele, Roy Poem 168
The Changeling. Kennedy, Sarah Poem 372
The Fruitful Immigrant. Mason, David (American college teacher) Poem 213
The Grief of Mother Jones. McCarriston, Linda (American educator) Poem 393
The Lost Hour. Skloot, Floyd Poem 140
The Outer Cape. Su, Adrienne Poem 224
The Pearl Tear. Peacock, Molly Poem 147
The Wolf and the Chinese Pug. Chin, Marilyn Short story 915
Things Lose Color at the Level of the Sky. Scheele, Roy Poem 212
Thomas Kinkade: "Painter of Light". Holden, Jonathan Poem 309
Threnody. Cairns, Scott Poem 220
To England. Tracy, D.H. Poem 679
To the First of September. Lindsay, Frannie Poem 140
To Write the Poem at Carrowmore. McCarriston, Linda (American educator) Poem 140
Tunnel. Lindsay, Frannie Poem 263
Unite d'Habitation. Bar-Nadav, Hadara Poem 172
Winter on the Island. Skloot, Floyd Poem 109
With the Rimac Down Below. Mattawa, Khaled Poem 782

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