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Articles from Prairie Schooner (September 22, 2003)

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Title Author Type Words
A Child Reads Invisible Man. Harper, Rachel M. Poem 209
American Collage. Harper, Rachel M. Poem 225
An education in the faith. Sayers, Valerie Short Story 9666
Angelic Laundromat. Kelly-DeWitt, Susan Poem 161
Annuit Coeptis. Thompson, Jason Poem 242
Antelope Jerky. Roripaugh, Lee Ann Poem 491
Book of My Nights. Roderick, David M. Book Review 1208
Button up your overcoat. Beck, Judith Short Story 6537
Cornucopia. Haymon, Ava Leavell Poem 342
Deep in the Barn. Connolly, Geraldine Poem 104
DeWitt Henry, The Marriage of Anna Maye Potts. Smith, Jack Book Review 978
Dove. Wohlfeld, Valerie Poem 207
Five Months After His Death. Worley, Jeff Poem 157
Girl in Sidewalk Cafe next to Butcher Shop. Thompson, Jason Poem 128
Grandfather. Frost, Richard Poem 277
Hedwig's Story. Kallet, Marilyn Poem 398
Her Fiftieth Fall. Bruce, Debra Poem 134
Hope. Bruce, Debra Poem 156
Horb. Kallet, Marilyn Poem 216
How Sparrows Learn to Spell A-R-I-T-H-M-E-T-I-C. Harris, Jana Poem 332
Howard Norman, The Haunting of L. Wolfe, Peter Book Review 666
In another tongue. McCabe, Nancy Short Story 2193
In the Beginning was the Word. Webb, Charles Harper Poem 258
John Felstiner, Selected Poems and Prose of Paul Celan. Brasfield, James Book Review 2589
June Night. Kelly-DeWitt, Susan Poem 113
Just You, Just Me. Thorburn, Matthew Poem 452
Kevin Prufer, The Finger Bone. Kennedy, Sarah Book Review 548
Mary Jo Bang, Louise in Love. Bendall, Molly Book Review 1109
Mindfulness. Schwartz, Hillel Poem 314
Mirsada. Craighead-Kintis, Anna Marie Poem 175
Moon and Stars. Frost, Richard Poem 183
Nanking Cherry Jam. Roripaugh, Lee Ann Poem 395
News of previous contributors. Bibliography 1259
Nineteen-Seventy-Two. Budy, Andrea Hollander Poem 196
Nineteen-Thirty-Eight. Budy, Andrea Hollander Poem 405
Oldest Friend. MacKay, Anne Poem 218
On finding a grave in Cleveland. Novakovich, Josip Short Story 2909
On First Looking into Heaney's Beowulf. Mackay, Anne Poem 206
Percussion. Miner, Valerie Short Story 6595
Prelude. Simpson, Daniel Poem 226
Prescribed Burn. Ahl, Liz Poem 539
Running to Hear Him Sing. Fried, Daisy Poem 245
School for the Blind. Simpson, Daniel Poem 153
Sixty-six Proverbs. Kamenetz, Rodger Poem 496
Some Holy Saturday. Simpson, Daniel Poem 279
Summer Sunday. Kelly-DeWitt, Susan Poem 186
Tattoo. Westberg, Carol S. Poem 548
Temptation. Thompson, Jason Poem 179
That Springtime of Her Life. Harris, Jana Poem 305
The Artist as Reformed Hypochondriac. Webb, Charles Harper Poem 313
The Beginning. Smith, Maggie Poem 154
The Falling. Fried, Daisy Poem 215
The Flying Funeral Directors of America. Schwartz, Hillel Poem 184
The Last Joke Between Us. Worley, Jeff Poem 148
The Magpie Evening: a Prayer. Fincke, Gary Poem 324
The Marriages. Fried, Daisy Poem 211
The New Light. Ahl, Liz Poem 215
The Thousand. Ahl, Liz Poem 276
The tourist's gift. Acevedo, Chantel Short Story 4673
The True Nature of the Soul of a Small Child. Thompson, Jason Poem 271
Their Lives and Shadows. Franco, Gina Poem 1045
To Love Everything. Allred, Joanne Poem 346
Turning Back. Albergotti, Dan Poem 266
Virtual Reality. Frost, Richard Poem 181
Waves of Experience and Our Miracles of Wishes. Tagliabue, John Poem 175
What You Talk About. Ronda, Margaret Poem 436
When You're Away. Ronda, Margaret Poem 183
Who They Were. Kallet, Marilyn Poem 219
Will They Bar Me at the Gate? Harris, Jana Poem 298
Woman Pausing on the Side of the Road to Tie Her Shoe. Harris, Jana Poem 389
Wrapped in Quilts, Brought Around the Horn, Carried by Wagon to Beyond Boise. Harris, Jana Poem 423

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