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Indian NP working in renal care. Brief article Aug 1, 2018 319
Focusing on the Fundamentals: Comparing and Contrasting Nursing Research and Quality Improvement. Hain, Debra J. Nov 1, 2017 2018
Nephrology nursing: be all that you can be. Doss-McQuitty, Sheila J. Column Jul 1, 2016 872
Exploring advance care planning from the nephrology nurse perspective: a literature review. Haras, Mary S.; Astroth, Kim S.; Woith, Wendy L.; Kossman, Susan P. Report Jan 1, 2015 7985
A renal nursing professional practice model: the next generation. Harwood, Lori; Downing, Linda; Ridley, Jane Jul 1, 2013 4190
The 5th modality: Psychonephrology. Novak, Marta; Hercz, Gavril Case study Apr 1, 2013 1464
Preventing vascular access infections. Ulrich, Beth Editorial Sep 1, 2010 425
The Australian and New Zealand dialysis workforce. Bennett, Paul N.; McNeill, Liz; Polaschek, Nick Survey Nov 1, 2009 2908
Shared governance: enhancing nursing practice. Bednarski, Donna Viewpoint essay Nov 1, 2009 652
Pictures and perspectives: a unique reflection on interdialytic weight gain. Sinclair, Peter M.; Parker, Vicki Report Nov 1, 2009 5505
Anemia management: a story of sleuthing. Sanderson, Nancy A. Case study Nov 1, 2009 3041
Chapter 1: concepts and principles of quality management. Wick, Gail Sep 1, 2009 3164
Renal nursing memories. Bradshaw, Wendi Personal account Jul 1, 2009 1124
Recollections of a renal nurse in the 1970s. Paton, Penny Jul 1, 2009 1260
Describing my experiences of renal nursing in the 1970s. Richards, Lynne Personal account Jul 1, 2009 998
Advanced practice in nephrology nursing. May 1, 2009 731
RPA/ASN and ANNA joint position paper on collaboration between nephrologists and Advanced Practice Nurses. May 1, 2009 432
Advanced practice in nephrology nursing. Report May 1, 2008 615
RPA/ASN and ANNA joint position paper on collaboration between Nephrologists and Advanced Practice Nurses. May 1, 2008 433
Quality nephrology nursing care: beyond Kt/V. Bennett, Paul N.; Neill, Jane Jan 1, 2008 4007
Here they come! Are you ready? Bodin, Sandra May 1, 2007 1277
Has the CMS rule of "4 visits per month" influenced patient outcomes? Mueller, Janet; Larson, Kristin May 1, 2007 1653
Is the burden worth the benefit of the doctorate of nursing (DNP) for NPs? Doctor of Nursing Practice: the time is now. Smith, David C. Nov 1, 2006 723
Nephrology Nursing: a call to "Break the Silence". VanBuskirk, Suzann Mar 1, 2006 852
Specialty care extends survival in chronic renal disease. Mahoney, Diana Aug 1, 2005 841
A look back at PL 92-603: is it time to rekindle the spirit? (From the Editor). Ulrich, Beth Jun 1, 2003 538
Politics is not a dirty word. (President's Message). Counts, Caroline S. Jun 1, 2003 998
How abnormal calcium, phosphate, and parathyroid hormone relate to cardiovascular disease. (Continuing Education). Bro, Susanne Jun 1, 2003 4146
A model for improving quality in nephrology settings. Manfredi, Silvia Regina; Canziani, Maria Eugenia; Draibe, Sergio Antonio; Dalboni, Maria Aparecida; Jun 1, 2003 3399
Hoping and planning: a multidisciplinary look at the pretransplant phase. (Issues in renal nutrition: focus on nutritional care for nephrology patients). Cochran, Carolyn C.; Callahan, Mary Beth; Atkins, Carolyn R. Jun 1, 2003 1160
Nurses: lifting spirits, touching lives. (From the Editor). Ulrich, Beth Apr 1, 2003 742
2002-2003 was truly a year of accomplishments for ANNA members! (President's Message). Wick, Gail Apr 1, 2003 703
Knowledge, trust, and nimbleness are keys to success. (President-Elect's Message). Apr 1, 2003 1158
ANNA position statements. Apr 1, 2003 244
Minimum preparation for entry into nursing practice. (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 253
Apolitical educational programs. (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 243
Delegation of nursing care activities. (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 748
The role of unlicensed assistive personnel in dialysis therapy. (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 382
Joint position statement of the American Nephrology Nurses'Association (ANNA) and the National Association of Nephrology Technicians/Technologists (NANT) on unlicensed personnel in dialysis. (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 394
Advanced practice in nephrology nursing. (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 588
The impact of the National Nursing Shortage on Qualify Nephrology Nursing Care. (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 946
ANNA health policy statement. (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 2141
ANNA Health Policy Agenda 107th Congress, 2001-2002. (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 354
The American Nephrology Nurses' Association position on financial incentives for organ donation. (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 342
Daily Hemodialysis (DHD) Nocturnal Hemodialysis (NHD). (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 568
Concerns regarding inclusion of end stage renal disease patients in managed care plans. (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 992
Autonomy of the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC). (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 377
Vascular access for hemodialysis. (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 1569
Certification in nephrology nursing. (ANNA Position Statements). Apr 1, 2003 620
Staff nurses' perceptions of the work environment in freestanding hemodialysis facilities. Thomas-Hawkins, Charlotte; Currier, Helen; Denno, Mary; Wick, Gail Apr 1, 2003 7274
Renal anatomy and overview of nephron function. (Continuing Education). Chmielewski, Christine Apr 1, 2003 4584
Expanding the living organ donor pool: Positive crossmatch and ABO incompatible renal transplantation. Holechek, Mary Jo; Hiller, Janet M.; Paredes, Melinda; Rickard, Jennifer C.; Montgomery, Robert A. Apr 1, 2003 7075
Why are hemodialysis treatments shortened and skipped? Development of a taxonomy and relationship to patient subgroups. Gordon, Elisa J.; Leon, Jannen B.; Sehgal, Ashwini R. Apr 1, 2003 6096
Why are hemodialysis treatments shortened and skipped? Development of a taxonomy and relationship to patient subgroups. (Commentary and Response). Apr 1, 2003 721
Addressing patient concerns about intravenous iron therapy. (Educational Supplement). Robbins, Karen C. Apr 1, 2003 4356
Relationships between hemoglobin and hematocrit levels and hospitalization and survival rates in dialysis patients. (Educational Supplement). Brattich, Mary Apr 1, 2003 3415
Dry weight: to be set or not to be ... that is a good question. (Issues in Renal Nutrition). Reams, Susan M.; Elder, Victoria Apr 1, 2003 1498
Chapter presidents. Apr 1, 2003 1011
Peritoneal Dialysis Fact Sheet. (Practice Issues in Nephrology Nursing). Luongo, Maria Apr 1, 2003 1116
HIPAA: how dialysis providers will be affected. (Professional Issues). Benko, Lynn Apr 1, 2003 1825
Lytic therapy in central venous catheters for hemodialysis. (Continuing Education). McFarland, Holly Fadness; Dinwiddie, Lesley; Ferrell, Janice; Forloines-Lynn, Sue Aug 1, 2002 4823
Transitioning an adolescent dialysis patient to adult health care. (Case Study). Myers, Pamela S. Aug 1, 2002 1359
The nephrology nurse's role in improved care of patients with chronic kidney disease. Compton, Ann; Provenzano, Robert; Johnson, Curtis A. Aug 1, 2002 4975
Development of the thirst distress scale. Welch, Janet L. Aug 1, 2002 4406
Our Nursing Shortage Is Now a Nursing Crisis. McCulloch, Sally D. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 640
The Vision and Future of Nephrology Nursing Is in Our Hands. Gould, Mary Ann Jun 1, 2001 1244
Nephrology Nurse-Patient Relationships in the Outpatient Dialysis Setting. Morehouse, Richard E.; Colvin, Elaine; Maykut, Pamela; Frauman, Annette C. Jun 1, 2001 5317
Goodpasture Syndrome: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management. Fox, Hope L.; Swann, Dawn Jun 1, 2001 5110
Informal and Incidental Learning with Patients Who Use Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis. Keeping, Lisa M.; English, Leona M.; Fleming-Courts, Nancy Jun 1, 2001 6211
Effect of One Leg Crossed Over the Other at the Knee on Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Patients. Avvampato, Cookie S. Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2001 2113
Infection and Inflammation in Dialysis Patients: Impact on Laboratory Parameters and Anemia Case Study of the Anemic Patient. Szymanski, Nancy Jun 1, 2001 2927
Management of Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease (Predialysis) Patients: Nephrology Nursing Implications. Wish, Jay B.; Weigel, Kelly A. Jun 1, 2001 3411
The CDN vs. CNN Debate Continues. Price, Christy A. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 864

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