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Seeking purple. Hardin, Sonya R. Editorial Jan 1, 2006 1143
It's not easy being purple: an invitation to dialogue. Tuyn, Linda; Gueldner, Sarah Hall Conference news Jan 1, 2006 2934
Unitary transformative nursing: using metaphor and imagery for self-reflection and theory informed practice. Levin, Jackie D. Essay Jan 1, 2006 3851
Emerging scholar column: bringing one's highest frequency to the practice of nursing. Studer, Angela Column Jan 1, 2006 1842
Acausality: what it is and what it is not and why I am not an anticausalist--with deep felt apologies to Florence Nightingale and Bertrand Russell. Cox, Thomas Column Jan 1, 2006 2847
A Rogerian exploration of nurse managers' experience of satisfaction, stress, and power. Hurley, Mary Report Jan 1, 2005 6129
Community assessment using Cowling's Unitary Appreciative Inquiry: a beginning exploration. Talley, Brenda; Rushing, Alison; Gee, Rose Mary Essay Jan 1, 2005 5680
Innovations column. Butcher, Howard K. Column Jan 1, 2005 7840
Healing touch: an integrative approach for the nurse practitioner. Hooper, Nicole Column Jan 1, 2005 2098
Pattern of the field. Hardin, Sonya R. Editorial Jan 1, 2004 421
An interpretive study of Martha Rogers' conception of pattern. Alligood, Martha Raile; Fawcett, Jacqueline Essay Jan 1, 2004 2025
Human energy: a conceptual model of unitary nursing science. Leddy, Susan Kun Report Jan 1, 2004 4370
Written expression and the potential to enhance knowing participation in change. Butcher, Howard Karl Column Jan 1, 2004 5871
A light in the darkness: Rogers' Science of Unitary Human Beings in 21st century nursing practice. Eschiti, Valerie S. Essay Jan 1, 2004 1351
A portrait of families with a member labeled schizophrenic. Brady, Noreen R. Clinical report Jan 1, 2004 369
The science of Unitary Human Beings: analysis of qualitative research approaches. Fawcett, Jacqueline; Alligood, Martha Raile Jan 1, 2003 5580
A unitary energy-based nursing practice theory: theory and application. Leddy, Susan Kun Jan 1, 2003 2949
Living in the heart of helicy: an inquiry into the meaning of compassion and unpredictability within Rogers' nursing science. Butcher, Howard Karl Essay Jan 1, 2002 9210
Changing paradigms in epidemiology: catching up with Martha Rogers. Watson, Juanita Essay Jan 1, 2002 7596
Setting the direction for the nature and direction of change: a request for responses from our readers. Hills, Roberta G.S.; Hanchett, Effie S. Column Jan 1, 2002 714
On fireflies and stars: envisioning luminescent beacons for advancing nursing and Rogerian science. Butcher, Howard Karl Column Jan 1, 2002 5927
A study of the PKPCT instructions. Barrett, Elizabeth Ann Manhart; Farren, Arlene T.; Kim, Tae Sook; Larkin, Dorothy M.; Mahoney, Janet Essay Jan 1, 2001 2886
Pandimensional awareness, purposeful change and the kaleidoscopic cosmos. Todaro-Franceschi, Vidette Column Jan 1, 2001 3135

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