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Bats in the Belfry; a postcard from the ACT. Joseph, Chuck Jul 1, 2017 502
A community of fire: Lucia King describes her experience at a woodfire. King, Lucia Nov 1, 2009 3193
Life as Amalgam. Cochrane, Grace; Jonsson, Love; Schwartz, Judith Nov 1, 2009 3442
Conjecture of space: (capable of being shaped or moulded on applicaton of external forces): folding ceramic by Marga Knaven. van der Stelt, Gertjan Jun 1, 2009 1004
Martha Pachon Rodriguez: Multi-ethnic awareness: a tribute to symmetry. Giovannini, Rolando Jun 1, 2009 767
Nicholas Mullany: Strange / familiar. Whybrew, Christine Jun 1, 2009 1107
Jackson Lee: reinterpreting tradition. Ting, Eva Jun 1, 2009 1198
Albert Pfarr's: Large-scale sculptures. Reichert, Elizabeth Jun 1, 2009 1833
Ellen Spijkstra's quiet search: Silenzio. Meyer, Scott Jun 1, 2009 1277
Keith Rice-Jones: Dianna Waggoner explores the shifts and influences in his work. Waggoner, Dianna May 1, 2009 1396
Marie Juge: Raku sculptor: Anne Laure Camilleri explores the history and process of Raku. Camilleri, Anne Laure May 1, 2009 1669
Isochronisme in ceramics: the whole and the piece. Karabey, Burcu Mar 1, 2009 1432
Re-collections: a visual dialogue between ceramic artist Richard Hirsch and glass artist Michael Rogers. Meyer, Scott Dec 1, 2008 1749
Elaine Riordan: profile of an Irish ceramic artist. Campbell, Kira Dec 1, 2008 1469
Global Local. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 127
Burnished vessels: Ian Garrett hand-burnishes vessels and explains his methods and sources of inspitation. Garrett, Ian May 1, 2008 1730
Simple creations: Petrus Spronk searches for a simple way of working with ceramics. Spronk, Petrus May 1, 2008 779
Catching spirits: Patricia Ganase has been following Bunty O'Connor's work for more than 20 years. Ganase, Patricia May 1, 2008 1010
Back to basics: Kai Vaarandi focuses on the form and colour techniques of Annika Teder. Vaarandi, Kai May 1, 2008 1023
Philip Pugh: Cragman Ceramist: Frank Hamer investigates this Welsh potter's work. Hamer, Frank May 1, 2008 938
Bas-relief tableaux: Dennis Meiners writes about Maria Simon and her status as an artist. Meiners, Dennis May 1, 2008 1456
A master potter: in the July 1930 issue, H. Granville Fell described the career of Josiah Wedgwood and how time in his sickbed spent researching his craft led him to become one of the world's greatest ceramicists. Fell, H. Granville Apr 1, 2008 483
Peter Pilven: changing styles. Rye, Owen Mar 1, 2008 1790
Expressive forms: Fathia Tarif discovers new concepts, trends and ideas expressed in ceramic art. Tarif, Fathia Jul 1, 2007 1178
A happy potter in Shigaraki: Michael Wein participated in a residency in Japan. Wein, Michael Jul 1, 2007 1579
Flexible ceramics process of a mug: Bas Kools finds an unusual method for moulding. Kools, Bas Jul 1, 2007 784
Around and around--slowly but surely: reflections on the life of a potter. Moon, Milton Jul 1, 2007 1700
Goddesses of clay, wood, fire & salt: Felicity Martin was rewarded by her experiences at an international symposium. Martin, Felicity Jul 1, 2007 2040
Encountering hybridization: avant-garde ceramics and mixed media. Reichert, Elizabeth Jun 1, 2007 2217
China fireworks: Sebastian Blackie finds magic in an experience in China. Blackie, Sebastian Essay Jan 1, 2007 1289
Above and beyond function: Ray Hearn explains the reasons behind his useless ceramics. Hearn, Ray Jan 1, 2007 3486
Playing with fire and kiln Gods: Martie Geiger-Ho explains why she is so driven to make ceramics. Geiger-Ho, Martie Jan 1, 2007 1349

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