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optometrist: Optometrists, also known as eye doctors, help people who are having trouble seeing get glasses or contacts to correct their vision. Coats, Teena; Peterson, Bryanne May 1, 2019 406
"Ophthalmologists are colleagues". Reid, Anthea; Sivanesan, Aarani Interview Feb 1, 2019 713
AOP adds in-house practice training. Brief article Feb 1, 2019 197
Manage time pressures: Optometrist and deputy head of optometry at Moorfields Eye Hospital, Dr Vijay Anand, provides advice on dealing with time pressures in the hospital setting. Anand, Vijay Feb 1, 2019 766
The triadic consultation: effective communication. Court, Helen Dec 1, 2018 3193
MY COLLEAGUES AND MY PEERS: As a newly-qualified optometrist, Natasha Richards does not underestimate the support she receives from her peers. Richards, Natasha Dec 1, 2018 481
WORLD OF WORK: From flexible working to pay scale disparities, the AOP's latest workforce survey provides a rich source of insight--and reveals potential gaps in the sector's approach to employment, writes Kathy Jones. Jones, Kathy Dec 1, 2018 528
"We can change a patient's life": Specialist optometrist, Amy Unwin, on how a pair of frames set her on a path to optometry and beyond. Unwin, Amy Dec 1, 2018 707
"I have finally found a routine": Pre-reg optometrist, Olympia Haralambous, on the benefits of a hospital pre-reg as she prepares for Visit 2. Haralambous, Olympia Dec 1, 2018 745
MASTERING MECS. Dec 1, 2018 1521
THE ART OF COMMUNICATION: Sarah Morgan and Gordon Ilett share their tips for creating a seamless patient experience through enhanced communication. Morgan, Sarah; Ilett, Gordon Dec 1, 2018 1306
REMOVING THE STRESS: No professional organisation in the sector can match the AOP's record or the support it gives to make sure members can practise with confidence. Alderman, Henrietta Nov 1, 2018 521
MY AOP LOCUM LOGBOOK: Optometrist, Jason Searle, explains the benefits that the AOP-produced Locum Logbook brings in practice. Searle, Jason Nov 1, 2018 602
Unconscious bias in optometric practice. Moore, Linda Oct 1, 2018 2893
"Intense, but brilliant so far": Olympia Haralambous reflects on her first month as a pre-reg optometrist at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. Haralambous, Olympia Oct 1, 2018 695
Binocular convergence: babies, children and adults. Horwood, Anna Oct 1, 2018 2948
The role of the optometrist with underachieving children and visual stress: This article outlines case presentations of children underachieving academically as seen in clinical practice. Evans, Bruce Sep 1, 2018 3928
Providing domiciliary eyecare: This article outlines the regulation relating to domiciliary eyecare, the clinical challenges, and the dispensing considerations when examining patients in their own home. Koasha, Sanjiv Sep 1, 2018 2985
Keratoconus: what's new? Leucci, Marcello Sep 1, 2018 2973
COBRA HD FUNDUS CAMERA: Optometrist, Julie Wadey explains how her work was transformed when she encountered the Cobra when working at Anne Gill Eyecare in Portsmouth. Wadey, Julie Column Sep 1, 2018 509
MY SECRET LIFE: Locum optometrist, Siddika Asaria, reflects on the painstaking work to create and decorate her extraordinary cakes. Asaria, Siddika Column Sep 1, 2018 325
MEET AN OPTOMETRIST: Eleanor Swystun, of Valli Opticians, on how optometrists make sure children receive the best eye care on offer. Column Sep 1, 2018 764
Occupational screening advice. Brief article Aug 1, 2018 132
IN FIVE YEARS' TIME ... As ophthalmology departments struggle to meet patient demand, it is time for community optometrists to consider career opportunities in hospital optometry. Peregrine, Helen Viewpoint essay Aug 1, 2018 530
Time travellers. Aug 1, 2018 1136
BRIGHT FUTURE: OT talks with UK optometrists under 30 to find out their hopes and predictions for the future of optometry . Aug 1, 2018 1299
THE PATH TO COME: From GOC reform to contact lens trends, three leaders in optics offer their take on an industry in transition--and why the change is needed. Aug 1, 2018 2364
Keeping an eye out for the signs and symptoms of brain tumours. Patel, Jasmin Aug 1, 2018 2391
Optometric referral of frail patients at risk of falling. Dunstone, Derek Aug 1, 2018 2434
HUMPHREY VISUAL FIELD ANALYSER: Practice owner at Taank Optometrists, Anjana Taank, on why this larger than life tool will always hold a special place in her heart. Taank, Anjana Aug 1, 2018 467
GOS IN SCOTLAND TO BE AMENDED. Brief article Aug 1, 2018 278
CREATING EYE HEROES. Brief article Aug 1, 2018 314
#IAmAnOptometrist: 'Optometry' was protected under law nearly three decades ago--long enough for the profession and its regulator to have learned to use the title correctly and with confidence, opines optometrist Nick Rumney. Rumney, Nick Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2018 593
The young ones: OT speaks to independent practitioners about raising the profile of children's eye care. Jun 1, 2018 1139
Arranging an MP visit: OT poses a monthly scenario from a practitioner. In this edition we look at organising MP visits. Jun 1, 2018 580
Promote the role of the optometrist: Independent practice owner of Loftus Opticians, John Prouse, shares marketing tips on how to educate the public about eye care and the optometrist. Prouse, John Jun 1, 2018 422
Full-steam ahead: Pre-reg optometrist, Bhargavi Zinzuwadia, on what to expect during Stage 2 as she takes the next steps to qualification. Zinzuwadia, Bhargavi Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2018 636
THE UNEXPECTED PUNCHLINE: AOP Awards 2018 host, Dr Phil Hammond, on working as a doctor and journalist, the art of comedy, and how he has become kinder with age. Hammond, Phil Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2017 591
Onto the second visit: Specsavers pre-reg, Bhargavi Zinzuwadia, shares her preparation tips for Visit 2 and beyond. Zinzuwadia, Bhargavi Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2017 652
New Objective Refraction Metric Based on Sphere Fitting to the Wavefront. Jaskulski, Mateusz; Martinez-Finkelshtein, Andrei; Lopez-Gil, Norberto Report Jan 1, 2017 6535
Pre-reg contract query service. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 154
Fluid futures: as optometrists, dispensing opticians and ophthalmologists all look at their scope of practice, the lines between the professions will become increasingly moveable, reflects Henrietta Alderman. Alderman, Henrietta Aug 1, 2016 462
Promoting prescribing: optometrists are still often seen as the newcomers to NHS services, but the future is bright for those with the skills and experience to take on an expanded role in eye care, contends. Wallace, Kevin Aug 1, 2016 589
Ronnie Brown. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 147
First the OSCE, now to register: pre-registration optometrist, Karan Vyas, advises newly qualified optometrists on the next steps post qualification. Vyas, Karan Aug 1, 2016 743
Enhancing optics: managing director of LOCSU, Katrina Venerus, shares details of the Unit's milestone achievements since it was established nine years ago. Aug 1, 2016 693
Stand-out science: Institute of Optometry research director, Professor Bruce Evans, looks to the past and the future of optometric research. Interview Aug 1, 2016 325
New visual world: Moorfields Eye Hospital optometrist, Hannah Dunbar, talks about her role in the rehabilitation of the patients receiving Iris II bionic eye implants. Interview Aug 1, 2016 617
Seventy years young: AOP lifetime member, Harry Green, reflects on life practising in the profession since 1953, and why the AOP remains important. Interview Aug 1, 2016 550
Paul Gifford. Interview Aug 1, 2016 475
Volk lenses: optometrist Alan Hawrami discusses the importance of Volk lenses in everyday practice. Hawrami, Alan Jul 1, 2016 516
Clearer vision for children: with parents under the false impression that children get their eyes checked at school, optometrists play an important role in looking after the vision of the nation's children. Alderman, Henrietta Jun 1, 2016 444
Who's testing who: OT's Emily McCormick speaks to optometrists and dispensing opticians who discuss the challenges and benefits of helping children. McCormick, Emily Jun 1, 2016 1558
Getting through stage 2: pre-registration optometrist, Karan Vyas, shares advice on preparing for the Stage 2. Vyas, Karan Jun 1, 2016 752
Through young eyes: ensuring the normal visual development of youngsters will keep practitioners on their toes, OT's Olivia Wannan reports. Wannan, Olivia Jun 1, 2016 1874
Changes to the General Optical Council's (GOC) registers. Brief article May 1, 2016 209
In praise of policy: formulating policy positions in an engaged and well thought-out way is right at the heart of the Association of Optometrists' work, explains AOP clinical adviser. Warburton, Trevor May 1, 2016 606
Stage 2 ahead: pre-reg optometrist at University Hospital in Coventry, Krupa Mistry, on succeeding in Stage 2. Mistry, Krupa May 1, 2016 695
Making capital from ortho-k: optometrist Kevin Wood tells OT how integrating ortho-k into their practice model has enhanced patients' experience and strengthened the business. Wood, Kevin Interview May 1, 2016 559
A career in contact lenses: Dr Gary Orsborn shares his career journey from optometry student to vice president for global professional and clinical affairs at CooperVision. Orsborn, Gary May 1, 2016 594
Phototherapeutic keratectomy: cases in practice. Shah, Prashant; Rowe, Victoria May 1, 2016 3172
Guide released to help reduce the chance of a sight test going wrong. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 189
Comment: Henrietta Alderman: the most important elements of a successful business are the people within it, and the best entrepreneur is hungry--not greedy--writes the AOP's chief executive. Alderman, Henrietta Column Mar 1, 2016 541
An entrepreneur's spirit: AOP chair of the Board, practice owner and optometrist, Kevin Thompson, who has a number of businesses inside and outside of optics, reflects on the roots of his entrepreneurial drive. Thompson, Kevin Column Mar 1, 2016 576
Embedding good practice. Dye, Marcus Mar 1, 2016 571
Beyond visit 3: pre-reg optometrist at University Hospital in Coventry, Krupa Mistry, advises on how to get the best out of the hospital placement with Visits 3 and 4 in mind. Mistry, Krupa Column Mar 1, 2016 684
Develop a marketing campaign: managing director of award-winning BBR Optometry, Nick Rumney, shares his insights. Rumney, Nick Brief article Mar 1, 2016 276
Detachment issues. Column Mar 1, 2016 1329
Andrew Logan. Interview Mar 1, 2016 125
Progressing through the stages: pre-reg optometrist Karan Vyas provides peers with advice on the next stage of their pre-reg placement. Vyas, Karan Feb 1, 2016 761
The Topcon Triton OCT: winner of the AOP Awards 2015 Newly-qualified Optometrist of the Year accolade, Neema Ghorbani, explains why if ever in doubt, he turns to Topcon's Triton OCT. Ghorbani, Neema Feb 1, 2016 420
OT interview Dr Uduak Udom: the new president of the World Council of Optometry, and world-renowned pioneer in optometry, talks to OT's Robina Moss about the changes she has seen since she graduated in 1978. Moss, Robina Interview Jan 1, 2016 644
Visit 2 done and dusted: pre-reg optometrist at Coventry and Warwickshire University Hospital, Krupa Mistry, reflects on her recent Visit 2. Mistry, Krupa Column Jan 1, 2016 661
On top of hygiene: or poses a monthly scenario from a practitioner. This month, we focus on personal hygiene. Jan 1, 2016 657
Hormones and dry eye disease. Gibson, Emma; Stapleton, Fiona Jan 1, 2016 2820
Managing dispensing non-tolerances. Bates, Sally Jan 1, 2016 2764
Ocular surface implications of cosmetic products. Ng, Alison Jan 1, 2016 2991
The Zeiss Visuscout: optometrist Christopher Gould on how the camera has enhanced his domiciliary routine. Gould, Christopher Jan 1, 2016 410
GOC rolls out milestone practice standards changes. O'Hare, Ryan Dec 1, 2015 494
Optometry enters 'new era' in Ireland. Brief article Dec 1, 2015 153
Comment: the Myers La Roche director shares his insights on the key technologies and trends from the US likely to have an impact on the UK optical market in 2016 and beyond. Watson, Dominic Column Dec 1, 2015 629
As visit 2 approaches. Vyas, Karan Column Dec 1, 2015 725
Express yourself: treating meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis. Farrant, Sarah Report Dec 1, 2015 2628
OCT case studies of the macula. Hiscox, Rachel Report Dec 1, 2015 2618
Frame of reference: Wasylyshyn opens Cashmere Vision Center. McDaniels, Nevonne Nov 1, 2015 1747
From patient to professor: optometrist and academic Carly Lam describes her journey to becoming a professor at the School of Optometry at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Cover story Nov 1, 2015 482
Settling in and visit 1: Krupa Mistry shares her experiences of the first few months as a pre-registration optometrist in a hospital setting. Mistry, Krupa Column Nov 1, 2015 623
Featured author: Dr Rachel Hiscox. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 121
Managing cataract patients with Fuchs' endothelial dystrophy. Malde, Shruti; Lake, Damian Case study Nov 1, 2015 2827
Corneal topography in optometric practice. Hiscox, Rachel; Chisholm, Catharine Case study Nov 1, 2015 2422
Practice-based solutions for light and magnification, Part 1. Macnaughton, Jane Case study Nov 1, 2015 3225
Congenital abnormalities of the optic nerve: this first article in a two-part series on optic nerve abnormalities concentrates on congenital conditions with a selection of case studies and short discussion. Lanier, Kate Case study Nov 1, 2015 2860
VRICS: corneal eye disease. Skiadaresi, Eirini; Gonzalez-Andrades, Miguel; Gallardo, Maria del Carmen Gonzalez; McAlinden, Colm Nov 1, 2015 705
Eye health awareness week returns for 2015. McCormick, Emily Sep 12, 2015 676
Being inducted: pre-registration optometrist, Karan Vyas, shares experiences of his first month in practice. Vyas, Karan Column Sep 12, 2015 704
Fitness to practise hearings--what are the chances? Lisa Davis, director of fitness to practise at the General Optical Council, discusses the possibility of receiving a complaint as a practitioner. Davis, Lisa Sep 12, 2015 756
Cases in practice. Keys, Stanley Sep 12, 2015 951
GOC forces through new standards of practice. O'Hare, Ryan Conference news Aug 8, 2015 1362
In a hospital setting: pre-registration optometrist, Krupa Mistry, speaks about the start of her pre-reg placement at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. Mistry, Krupa Column Aug 8, 2015 644
Practical skills at the NOC: Gill Brabner, Local Optical Committee Support Unit's (LCCSU) learning and development consultant, unveils the workshop programme for the National Optical Conference 2015, with the focus firmly on practical skills. Brabner, Gill Conference news Aug 8, 2015 629
Visit three ... almost there: newly-qualified optometrist, Maulia Selvarajah, shares her experiences of visit three in stage one of the pre-reg period. Selvarajah, Maulia Jun 13, 2015 743
General well-being in patients. Johnson, Iain Case study Jun 13, 2015 3466
Surgical treatment of high myopia. Barsam, Allon Clinical report May 2, 2015 3039
On the road: Newly-qualified optometrist and AOP Councillor Dan Varcoe shares the highlights of Johnson & Johnson's clinical roadshow, held in London last month. Varcoe, Dan Apr 4, 2015 515
Monitoring activity in a minor eye conditions service: Community-based optometrist, Wendy Craven, discusses the initial activity of Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale's minor eye conditions service for which she is the clinical lead. Craven, Wendy Apr 4, 2015 1489
Topical contractual issues. Warburton, Trevor Mar 21, 2015 1123
Hundreds of cancellations daily in eye departments. McCormick, Emily Brief article Mar 7, 2015 211
A multiple pre-reg: newly-qualified optometrist Michelle Snowball (pictured) shares her experience of completing a pre-reg in a multiple. Snowball, Michelle Column Feb 21, 2015 701
Large diameter gas permeable contact lenses. Smith, Andrew Elder Feb 21, 2015 3010
Colleges force NICE amend. Brief article Feb 7, 2015 132
LOCSU makes call for more community-based services. Brief article Jan 24, 2015 141
An independent pre-reg period: newly-qualified optometrists Jason Searle and Dan Varcoe (pictured left to right) discuss the advantages and disadvantages of completing a pre-reg in independent practice. Searle, Jason; Varcoe, Dan Jan 24, 2015 599
Change, challenge and improvement: 2015 is set to be year of strategically focused activity for the Association of Optometrists. Alderman, Henrietta Jan 10, 2015 784
Orthokeratology: a clinical overview--part one. Downie, Laura Jan 10, 2015 3085
Hospital work placements: newly-qualified optometrist, Angharad Hobby, shares her experience of hospital-based practice. Hobby, Angharad Dec 12, 2014 767
All change: as the World Council of Optometry undergoes a strategic review, OT's Emily McCormick speaks to newly-appointed CEO, Natalie Briggs, about its goals for growth. McCormick, Emily Interview Nov 28, 2014 1162
Education for independents: optometrist and AOP board member, Ed Bickerstaffe, shares the highlights of the education day which was hosted during the AIO annual conference in oxford last month. Bickerstaffe, Ed Conference news Nov 28, 2014 561
Getting through visit two: newly-qualified optometrist, Angharad Hobby (pictured), shares her tips for surviving visit two. Nov 14, 2014 770
Appropriate and accurate urgent referrals: community-based optometrist, Matthew Jinkinson, discusses the urgent referrals made by Stockport's Minor Eye Conditions service. Jinkinson, Matthew Oct 31, 2014 1553
Changing dry eye management: OT's Ryan O'Hare reports on how TearLab is using osmolarity as a marker for dry eye, and the potential for changing how the condition is managed in the community. O'Hare, Ryan Oct 31, 2014 1049
Diversity at congress: OT's clinical editor, Ian Beasley, shares highlights from the annual British Congress of Optometry and Vision Science 2014, held in Wales last month. Beasley, Ian Editorial Oct 31, 2014 583
Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine--optometric considerations. French, Christian Oct 31, 2014 2283
Thyroid eye disease. Petrarca, Mark Oct 31, 2014 3203
Binocular vision assessment. Millington, Andrew Oct 31, 2014 796
Supporting members: OT reports on the member benefits offered by the Association of Optometrists in 2015. Oct 17, 2014 463
Perfecting your routine: Optometrist Amar-Kaash Gandecha (pictured) reveals tips for the early stages of the pre-reg period. Gandecha, Amar-Kaash Oct 17, 2014 695
Workforce insight survey. Brief article Oct 17, 2014 212
Options for newly-qualified optometrists: newly-qualified optometrist, Maulia Selvarajah, discusses the different career paths which await pre-registration optometrists on qualification. Selvarajah, Maulia Sep 19, 2014 622
Eye care tender 'great opportunity for profession'. Moss, Robina Interview Sep 5, 2014 487
AOP urges practitioners to claim CET grants early. Craig, David Column Sep 5, 2014 359
A wealth of experience: Optometrist Gillian Bruce reflects on being part of the eye care team at the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow from July 23 to August 3. Interview Sep 5, 2014 1406
Are urgent referrals to a GP appropriate? Community-based optometrist, Daniel McGhee discusses when optometrists should and should not make urgent referrals to GPs. McGhee, Daniel Report Sep 5, 2014 1622
The Scottish vote: ahead of the independence referendum, OT's Ryan O'Hare reports on the potential changes to optometry in Scotland and canvasses opinion from the AOP's Scottish councillors. O'Hare, Ryan Sep 5, 2014 2018
The bottom line ... as optometry looks to play a larger clinical role in delivering patient eye health, is the discussion around commercial pressures being overlooked? O'Hare, Ryan Aug 22, 2014 1794
Make training work: OT's Robina Moss shares advice from the independents day conference last month (July 6-7) for practice owners looking to get the most from training. Moss, Robina Conference notes Aug 22, 2014 988
Domiciliary code update. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 226
Lone Working Guidance updated. Brief article Jul 18, 2014 173
Boost your business with contact lenses: optometrist, BCLA president and AOP councillor Susan Bowers (pictured) shares the business tips she uses in her independent practice in Coventry. Bowers, Susan Jul 18, 2014 896
Memory lane: having led the implementation of eye care at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Dr Penny D'Ath and Professor David Thomson recently revisited Olympic Park in Stratford. D'Ath, Penny; Thomson, David Jul 4, 2014 1076
College advice on falls. Brief article Jun 20, 2014 224
Urgent matters: Trevor Warburton, clinical adviser to the AOP legal services department, highlights why practitioners should act with care when deciding where to send an urgent referral. Warburton, Trevor May 23, 2014 1085
Low vision priority: following a low vision assessment undertaken by all accredited optometrists within the Low Vision Service Wales in 2012-2013, Rebecca John, clinical lead at the Low Vision Service Wales, shares the findings and recommendations. John, Rebecca May 9, 2014 1490
Clinical editor's corner. Beasley, Ian Column May 9, 2014 339
Sight test fee decision pending. Brief article Apr 25, 2014 164
Stand out from the crowd: tangible marketing and people management advice for practices across the UK operating in a competitive climate. Apr 25, 2014 881
Reasons to celebrate: OT multimedia creative editor and optometrist at Cottam and Glaister, Ceri Smith-Jaynes, discusses how by commemorating its 90-year history, the independent achieved some business wins. Apr 25, 2014 568
Use of fluorescein in optometric practice. Bilkhu, Paramdeep; Naroo, Shehzad; Wolffsohn, James Essay Apr 25, 2014 3487
Fitness to Practise rules come into effect. O'Hare, Ryan Brief article Apr 11, 2014 306
Dispensing handmade frames. Bates, Sally Apr 11, 2014 2310
Factors affecting tonometry measurement. Hamilton-Maxwell, Kirsten Apr 11, 2014 3680
Assessment of visual acuity. Millington, Andrew Apr 11, 2014 768
NHS sight tests 'lead to waste' of services. O'Hare, Ryan Mar 28, 2014 620
New FTP rules. Mar 28, 2014 1209
Infinite possibilities: Searching out tangible business advice for practices across the UK operating in a competitive climate. Mar 28, 2014 1129
The budget uncovered: Marc Bennett assesses how the 2014 Budget will affect the finances of practices and their professional staff. Bennett, Marc Mar 28, 2014 581
Communication: part 2--delivering findings and advice to the patient. Webb, Helena; vom Lehn, Dirk; Allen, Peter; Evans, Bruce Essay Mar 28, 2014 2923
Learning the language. White, John Column Mar 14, 2014 336
Dispensing for facial disfigurement. Bates, Sally Essay Feb 14, 2014 2169
Intuitive thinking: as the first optometrist to use a colorimeter in practice over two decades ago, Dr Simon Barnard speaks to OT's clinical editor, Ian Beasley about the experience. Beasley, Ian Jan 31, 2014 1173
New year musings. White, John Column Jan 17, 2014 342
Scotland and Wales pushing the boundaries. O'Hare, Ryan Jan 17, 2014 599
Looking ahead in the new year: the AOP looks back at the changes to the profession in four key areas in 2013, and highlights what is to come in the year ahead. Jan 17, 2014 1814
Posterior segment disease: Part 4. McAlinden, Colm; Skiadaresi, Eirini Jan 17, 2014 947
Colour vision deficiency part 2--assessment in clinical practice. Birch, Jennifer Report Jan 17, 2014 2793
At home in the hall. White, John Editorial Nov 29, 2013 347
Topical concerns. White, John Editorial Nov 15, 2013 320
Happy CL patients for a healthy business. McParland, Marcella Nov 15, 2013 1288
Conflicts of interest. Tinger, Alan Nov 15, 2013 1194
Getting optics heard: the political party conference season marks a busy time for the Optical Confederation's head of public affairs, Jenny Gowen, who shares her highlights from this year's three events. Nov 1, 2013 604
Last but not lease: Adam Bernstein investigates how a practice can obtain a good deal on a commercial lease. Nov 1, 2013 2008
The art of ocular prosthetics: OT's Emily McCormick speaks to the chief ocularist of Moorfields Eye Hospital's ocular prosthetics department about the service it provides and its current expansion plans. McCormick, Emily Oct 4, 2013 1236
Preparing for success. Sep 20, 2013 625
Smoking 'milestone' for optics. Brief article Sep 6, 2013 279
Facing the GOC. Kay, Andrea Sep 6, 2013 1564
Sisters are doing it for themselves. Moss, Robina Company overview Sep 6, 2013 1335
IOLs: surgery and presbyopia developments. Sheppard, Amy; Davies, Leon Jul 26, 2013 3010
UV focus for Jul-eye. McCormick, Emily Brief article Jul 12, 2013 246
Getting on the Ophthalmic Performers List: a pre-reg guide: the AOP's Karen Sparrow offers pre-reg optometrists advice on practising once qualified. Sparrow, Karen Jul 12, 2013 660
Auditing a repeat readings service: Optometrist Dharmesh Patel explores the effectiveness of an intraocular pressure glaucoma repeat readings service operating in parts of Cheshire. Patel, Dharmesh Jun 28, 2013 1202
Clinical decision-making Part 3. Keys, Stanley Jun 28, 2013 1142
Time to take pride: Richard Carswell, the AOP's interim chief executive, urges the profession to have more confidence in itself. Carswell, Richard Column May 17, 2013 520
Optics on the island. Skidmore, Roger May 17, 2013 610
Testing retest interval times. Warburton, Trevor Cover story May 17, 2013 1443
Census on the profession is announced. McCormick, Emily May 3, 2013 410
Practice audit of wet AMD referrals: optometrists Trevor Warburton and Susan Parker, alongside student Anthony Bryan, explore wet AMD referrals in Stockport. Warburton, Trevor; Parker, Susan; Bryan, Anthony May 3, 2013 2237
OC produces guide to sight. Brief article Apr 19, 2013 223
Indicator in play. Brief article Apr 5, 2013 105
No place for feuds. White, John Column Apr 5, 2013 336
Visionary approach: David Shannon, chairman of the AOP, reflects on how optometry has shaken off its 'inferiority' complex, and grown into its role as a key primary care provider. Shannon, David Apr 5, 2013 492
D-Day heralds new beginning for NHS: as D-Day for the most significant re-organisation in the history of the NHS in England approached, the NHS Commissioning Board hosted the first ever national assembly for Local Professional Networks in London. Katrina Venerus, managing director of LOCSU, considers the potential for Local Eye Health Networks to play a role of major influence in the new landscape. Venerus, Katrina Apr 5, 2013 607
AOP in Birmingham: from a 'legal lounge' for members to meet the Association's highly-skilled solicitors, to the launch of a new online image library and information on the Awards, OT's Emily McCormick finds out what the AOP has planned for Optrafair. McCormick, Emily Apr 5, 2013 897
Interactive presentations: following a Bradford LOC annual CET day, Dr Alison Alderson and Dr Chris Davey reflect on practitioners' responses to a presentation entitled 'Your peers and their decision making, and review a promising method of delivering interactive lectures in small groups. Alderson, Alison; Davey, Chris Apr 5, 2013 3564
Management options for adult binocular vision disorders: part 2: heterophoria. Rae, Sheila Apr 5, 2013 1354
Orthoptic exercises: a forgotten art? Maqsud, Mohammed Aftab Apr 5, 2013 3391
Auditing an acute eye pathway: optometrist Mark McCracken explores Stoke and North Staffordshire's acute eye pathway. McCracken, Mark Mar 22, 2013 1356
Tailor-made tips for the newly qualified: optometrist Nicola Roper receives a confidence boost having attended Johnson & Johnson's two-day 'newly qualified optometrist's course' at the Vision Care Institute in February. Roper, Nicola Mar 8, 2013 576
Shared care and referral pathways part 1: broadening horizons. Steele, Chris Mar 8, 2013 2942
College campaign over eyes data. Brief article Feb 8, 2013 131
Making it work: new in-house AOP employment lawyer, Heidi Blakey, offers the lowdown on the employment law service on offer to members. Blakey, Heidi Feb 8, 2013 307
Where there's a will ... thinking about the death of a practice partner may be an uncomfortable process, but as Christine Green reflects, being prepared now can avoid serious legal complications further down the line. Green, Christine Feb 8, 2013 1562
Auditing of a referral refinement service in Hull: optometric adviser and LOCSU lead Liz Greenwood explores the effectiveness of a four-year old referral refinement service in operation across Hull. Greenwood, Liz Jan 25, 2013 1347
On buying spectacles and other things ... the AOP's interim chief executive, Richard Carswell, reflects on the challenges ahead. Editorial Jan 11, 2013 735
Bringing it all together: is there a formula for business success? OT's Nikki Withers reports from the Vision Care Institute on how to enhance the success of your independent practice. Jan 11, 2013 1449
Why there's much ado about peer review: OT's clinical editor Dr Navneet Gupta gives a comprehensive guide to the new mandatory form of CET so that practitioners can make the most of this engaging learning format. Jan 11, 2013 2661
Spirited approach. White, John Editorial Dec 14, 2012 264
Drive talking: improving communication to drive the business forward was a key theme at the National Eyecare Group's annual conference at the Heritage Motor Centre in Warwickshire. Moss, Robina Conference notes Dec 14, 2012 1044
Tonometry: does historical precedent and familiarity constrain development? Frampton, Peter Report Dec 14, 2012 2397
Putting BV in focus: practitioners from across the north of England and beyond were attracted to the 2012 David Pickwell lecture this month. Optometrist Dr Catherine Chisholm reports. Chisholm, Catherine Nov 30, 2012 1028
Repeat pressures in Oxfordshire: Gianpiero Celino and Paul Jewitt discuss the potential savings created through a repeat pressures enhanced service scheme in Oxfordshire. Celino, Gianpiero; Jewitt, Paul Nov 30, 2012 1503
Don't speculate--communicate: dispense with confidence part 5 C-20300 O/D. Hughes, Eirian Nov 30, 2012 3258
Conduct guidance is updated. Brief article Nov 16, 2012 143
Dispensing knowledge: optometrist Amar-Kaash Gandecha advises on the importance of dispensing during visit two. Gandecha, Amar-Kaash Nov 16, 2012 703
New Wales Eye Care Service set to boost patient care. Moss, Robina Nov 2, 2012 482
The live sessions: one of the highlights of this year's NOC in Birmingham was the chance to hear from leading voices in the NHS, Department of Health and local government exploring what the latest health reforms mean for LOCs. Katrina Venerus, managing director of LOCSU, reports back from the event. Venerus, Katrina Nov 2, 2012 1064
Referrals: are you aware of the GOC's rules? Trevor Warburton, clinical adviser to AOP legal services, discusses the GOC's rules for referring. Warburton, Trevor Nov 2, 2012 1252
Completing the journey: in the second of a two-part series on the patient journey, optometrist and personal performance coach Sheena Tanna-Shah offers advice on dispensing and concluding the appointment. Tanna-Shah, Sheena Nov 2, 2012 667
Get involved in wider services or fall behind. Nov 2, 2012 708
To refer or not to refer? Part 3: Glaucoma detection and management C-19897 O/AS/SP/IP. Kotecha, Aachal Nov 2, 2012 1265
First year qualified: Parminder Randhawa reflects on her first year as a qualified optometrist in practice. Randhawa, Parminder Oct 19, 2012 683
It pays to have the true picture on salaries. Column Oct 5, 2012 740
Independents can compete on contact lenses: Eyeplan believes that independent practices can and should compete with the multiples and the internet when it comes to contact lens sales. Yet, as Chris Clemence explains, market figures indicate that independents are losing the battle. Clemence, Chris Oct 5, 2012 523
Rising to the challenge: World Sight Day, which is just six days away and it's not too late to get involved. Cover story Oct 5, 2012 1537
World-class eye care at London 2012: Dr Penny D'Ath and professor David Thomson, from City University, London, were involved in the organisation of a team of practitioners who provided eye care at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Here they reflect on their experience. Oct 5, 2012 1333
Developing the unit: Katrina Venerus, director of operations and commissioning for LOCSU, updates OT on the latest developments in local enhanced services. Venerus, Katrina Oct 5, 2012 593
New survey launched on the length of sight tests. Withers, Nikki Brief article Sep 21, 2012 299
Optometry team focus on Olympic athletes: OT's Nikki Withers speaks to practitioners who volunteered at the Olympics. Withers, Nikki Sep 21, 2012 984
Auditing enhanced eye care referrals: Nik Sheen and Sasha Macken discuss the auditing of referrals through PEARS and WEHE. Sheen, Nik; Macken, Sasha Sep 21, 2012 1623
Dealing with CLs--visit two. Sep 21, 2012 672
Aspheric lenses: dispense with confidence part 2 C-19559 O/D. Hughes, Eirian Sep 21, 2012 2640
New eye health template breakthrough welcomed. Moss, Robina Sep 7, 2012 381
Going beyond GOS. Carswell, Richard Brief article Sep 7, 2012 301
A room with an indie view: optometrist Parminder Randhawa shares her pre-reg experiences in independent practice. Randhawa, Parminder Aug 17, 2012 693
Golden time to reflect. Column Jul 27, 2012 698
Community Achievement Award 2012. Jul 27, 2012 986
Understanding the public. Carswell, Richard Column Jun 15, 2012 267
Why be independent? AOP director Kevin Thompson has been in independent practice for nearly 30 years; here he gives his personal and realistic view on the rewards and challenges of the sector. Thompson, Kevin Viewpoint essay Jun 15, 2012 847
Communicating your way to a better practice. Jun 15, 2012 756
Keeping one step ahead of the game: pre-reg representative on the AOP Council, Nicola Roper, advises her peers on registering with their local PCT ahead of qualification, in order to begin practising without delay. Roper, Nicola Jun 15, 2012 664
Optometric management of childhood visual problems: young children's vision Part 5 C-18925 O/D. Woodhouse, Margaret May 18, 2012 2386
ECOO accreditation scheme confirmed. Brief article May 4, 2012 213
Independent optometry? Carswell, Richard Brief article May 4, 2012 283
Health promotion: from knowledge to action: ophthalmic public health Part 5 C-18848 O/D. Hogg, Ruth May 4, 2012 2777
NICE update welcomed. Brief article Apr 20, 2012 152
Optometrists implored to help increase uptake of eye tests: RNIB report lists ways practitioners can improve the nation's eye health. Donkin, Chris Apr 20, 2012 603
Create a winning team and a strong practice: OT's Chris Donkin picks up some business tips at J&J's latest Practice Made Perfect roadshow. Donkin, Chris Conference notes Mar 23, 2012 1356
Optometric Advisers. Carswell, Richard Brief article Feb 24, 2012 269
Six months down, six more to go: OT pre-reg representative Niall Hynes discusses the highs and lows of the first half of his pre-reg experience. Feb 24, 2012 542
Expanded role for hospital optoms in AMD is debated. Feb 10, 2012 409
Under pressure. Carswell, Richard Editorial Jan 27, 2012 246
Reflecting on the pre-reg period and contact lens care: CIBA Vision speaks to pre-reg optometrist Amjad Malik about his pre-reg experience to date. Dec 9, 2011 506
So how are my eyes? Morgan, Sarah Dec 9, 2011 2918
Viewpoint of excellence: Optix MD Trevor Rowley has opened a new practice in York city centre which takes technology to a new level and surpasses what you would expect of an optometric software pioneer, believes OT's Robina Moss who attended the official opening. Nov 25, 2011 918
Community-based independent prescribing: course code C-17277 O/AS/SP/IP. Frampton, Peter Nov 25, 2011 3119
Communicating the results--how to prescribe. Morgan, Sarah Report Nov 11, 2011 3010
Why can't we take the lead to refute sensational headlines? Column Oct 28, 2011 654
Developing good communication. Challinor, David Editorial Sep 30, 2011 241
LOC, ROC or AOC of the year: the committee that has done the most to promote and enhance the reputation of optics in its area. Sep 30, 2011 929
Simple blood test--big opportunity. Challinor, David Brief article Sep 2, 2011 261
Be seen as the local expert. Sep 2, 2011 384
RCO criticism refuted. Aug 19, 2011 341
Pre-reg period first-hand. Viewpoint essay Aug 19, 2011 751
Getting started ... communication skills part 2: C-16855 O/D. Morgan, Sarah Essay Aug 19, 2011 3056
Friend or foe? An e-networking warning: AOP legal spokesman Cameron Mitchell discusses the pros and cons of online social networking. Jul 29, 2011 1022
What future for independence? Hughes, Bob Editorial Jul 15, 2011 296
How did we do today? Communication skills part 1 course code: C-16640 O/D. Morgan, Sarah Jul 15, 2011 2702
Ambitious network targets 250 practices. Jul 1, 2011 339
Eye contact and gaze in optometry consultations. Webb, Helena; vom Lehn, Dirk Jun 3, 2011 1693
OT online: a helping hand with your job search. McCormick, Emily Jun 3, 2011 451
Optical Express: a vision for the future. Jun 3, 2011 995
Life's too short ... Sparrow, Karen Jun 3, 2011 639
Helping you take the next step in your career: the OT website has a variety of free tools to assist optical professionals who are looking for a new job. Here's some of the ways we can help ... Brief article May 20, 2011 333
Assessment and management of AMD: referral refinement part 4 course code: C-16276 O/D. Binns, Alison Clinical report May 20, 2011 2967
Dealing with patient anxiety: course code C-16352 O/D/CL. Court, Helen May 20, 2011 2353
Taking education further. Apr 22, 2011 934
Supervising for success. Apr 22, 2011 990
Communicating in optometry consultations: researchers at the Department of Management at King's College London, Helena Webb and Dirk vom Lehn, report from a project focused on communication in optometry consultations. In the first article they explain their analytic approach and discuss the importance of the opening questions from the practitioner during a consultation. Webb, Helena; vom Lehn, Dirk Cover story Apr 8, 2011 2449
Changing lives. Mar 25, 2011 1038
Let's seize the moment in this rare opportunity. Feb 11, 2011 616
Sight saver, life changer: part of a day's work for an eye care practitioner: course code: C-15475 O/D/CL. Hudson, Cameron Report Jan 28, 2011 2553
Referring safely: Gerda Goldinger and Trevor Warburton, AOP Legal Services. Nov 26, 2010 687
Measure and share in success: in the ninth of our Best Practice 10 articles, optometrist Arif Karim discusses how to lead your practice and measure your team's success. Karim, Arif Nov 26, 2010 1058
From my first day to assessment visit. Brief article Sep 17, 2010 247
Murray Wells accuses optics of 'a lack of transparency'. Aug 13, 2010 341
Time management--the key to pre-reg success. Aug 13, 2010 1449
Pilot gives optoms wider role. Brief article Jul 16, 2010 259
More? You want some more? Brief article Jul 16, 2010 265
Optoms want more time to carry out eye examinations. Brief article Jul 16, 2010 262
Sign of the time: a new report sheds light on how long optometrists believe they should have to carry out an eye examination. David Challinor looks at its findings. Cover story Jul 16, 2010 1055
Arguing the case for IP. Frampton, Peter Jun 18, 2010 1324
Eye exam time needs debate: optometrist Christian Dutton poses the question how long should an eye examination take? May 21, 2010 704
Legal aspects of contact lens practice. Purslow, Christine May 21, 2010 5396
Optometrists expand scope of practice: lose battle on laser surgery and "physician" designation. May 1, 2010 530
Revalidation could include 'enhanced version of CET'. Apr 9, 2010 382
Serendipity will continue to strengthen our sector. Dec 4, 2009 658
Hopes for Harrogate. Hughes, Bob Nov 20, 2009 439
Low vision guide launched. Brief article Nov 20, 2009 176
Credit advice emerges as new OFT regs charge 115 [pounds sterling]. Nov 20, 2009 360
Council debates glaucoma fallout and new GOC fees. Nov 20, 2009 1178
Practice boost goes online. Brief article Nov 20, 2009 189
Consequences and 'treatment' of colour vision deficiencies. Formankiewicz, Monika Nov 20, 2009 5650

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