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Appraisers in Arbitration: What Areas of Service Might Valuers Provide? Konikoff, Paula K. Report Mar 22, 2018 4382
Assessor's limitation on operating expenses requires supporting data to ensure current and correct assessed value of property. Jun 22, 2017 743
Appraisal for refinancing is not sufficient for determining market value in a marital dissolution settlement. Jun 22, 2017 443
Residential elements of comparison--transactional adjustments. Mills, Arlen C. Report Sep 22, 2016 7810
What appraisers need to know about discovery. Levine, Mark Lee; Thode, Stephen F. Sep 22, 2015 6160
Resources for real estate analysts and valuers: internet search engines. Swango, Dan L. Column Mar 22, 2015 6595
Real estate theory versus practices: a case study of valuation practices of Jamaican valuers. Beale, Tina Case study Mar 22, 2015 7946
The challenges of valuing green. Adomatis, Sandra K. Jan 1, 2015 3553
An introduction to market components and interactions. Braun, David A. Jan 1, 2013 6411
District court does not have authority to modify requirement that notice of appeal of appraisers' award must be filed within 30 days of filing appraisers' report. Weinberger, Alan M. Column Sep 22, 2012 490
An appraiser's reservations about assumptions for highest and best use of undeveloped land will not render the appraiser's valuation testimony irrelevant. Weinberger, Alan M. Column Sep 22, 2012 572
In ordering confirmation of foreclosure sale, it is a trial court's discretion to weigh credibility of expert appraiser's opinion. Weinberger, Alan M. Column Sep 22, 2012 563
Litigation appraisal assignments. Matonis, Stephen J.; Johnson, Jeffrey A. Jun 22, 2012 4457
Litigation lessons: a practical guide to expert testimony. Lennhoff, David C.; Downey, James P. Report Jun 22, 2012 3998
Appraisal Institute releases Guide Note 12: Analyzing Market Trends. Austin, Christina Jun 22, 2012 3000
Market delineation. Braun, David A. Report Mar 22, 2012 3984
Daily pricing: an appraiser's dream? Wincott, D. Richard Report Mar 22, 2012 5953
Price, value, and comparable distinctions in distressed markets. Steinke, William G. Report Mar 22, 2012 4949
Comments on "price versus fundamentals--from bubbles to distressed markets". Jorgensen, Kerry M.; Fanning, Stephen F.; Blazejack, John A.; Mann, George R. Jan 1, 2012 2530
Could Sherlock Holmes find clues to market value in this market? Rattermann, Mark R. Jun 22, 2011 4733
Projected rent spikes: can you have the good without the bad? Pecorino, Michael B. Report Mar 22, 2011 3347
Real estate valuation in Hong Kong. Lo, Raymond Case study Mar 22, 2011 9683
Do you have a plan or will you go where life takes you? Rattermann, Mark R. Jun 22, 2010 2302
A taxonomic field investigation into induced bias in residential real estate appraisals/Gyvenamosios paskirties nekilnojamojo turto vertinimu taksonominis tyrimas siekiant nustatyti vertinimo paklaidas. Diaz, Julian, III; Hansz, J. Andrew Report Mar 1, 2010 7419
Valuation of properties in close proximity to waste dumps sites: the Nigeria experience/Netoli savartynu esancio turto vertinimas: Nigerijos patirtis. Bello, Victoria Amietsenwu; Bello, Mustapha Oyewole Report Dec 1, 2009 4320
Restoring credibility to appraisers. Braverman, Beth Jul 1, 2008 967
Under the microscope: dissection of a contingent valuation survey. Mathews, Kristy E. Report Jun 22, 2008 7770
A note for appraisers on option valuation. Finch, J. Howard; Jones, Travis L.; Weeks, H. Shelton Report Jun 22, 2008 2264
The making of the 13th edition of The Appraisal of Real Estate. McKinley, Michael Jun 22, 2008 2309
Comments on "Letter to the Editor". Lindsey, Timothy J. Letter to the editor Jun 22, 2008 1179
Foreclosure markets--wholesale or retail? Rattermann, Mark R. Jun 22, 2008 2908
Standard ground value in the context of the harmonization of property valuation. Naubereit, Philipp Report Jun 22, 2008 3870
The Lake Tahoe Basin: appraising in a heavily regulated market. Herzog, Steven J. Jun 22, 2008 4362
Asset impairment accounting and appraisers: evidence from Japan. Yamamoto, Takashi Mar 22, 2008 5571
50+ years of appraising. Hanford, Lloyd D., Jr. Mar 22, 2007 3378
SRA memories--my appraisal career. Jones, Paul A., Jr. Column Mar 22, 2007 433
Lender pressure and appraiser independence--gimme shelter. McGowan, Shawn Jan 1, 2006 721
USPAP--the bottom line: what to do, what to write. Boyle, Thomas D. Sep 22, 2004 4709
Appraisal standards and professional negligence claims. Sevelka, Tony Sep 22, 2004 12163
The full spectrum of real estate risk analysis (1). Taylor, Gary P.; Endsley, William E. Sep 22, 2004 4174
Tomorrow's appraiser: AQB sets a higher standard. Taylor, Gary P.; Wright, Margo T. Oct 1, 2003 2250
Stigma of contaminated land: difficult to tackle. (International Appraising). Siemens, Hans Reprint Apr 1, 2003 2995
Appraisal standards and contaminated property valuation. (Environment and the Appraiser). Jackson, Thomas O. Apr 1, 2003 4276
Cross-examination at a jury trial. (Features). Talmage, Paul Apr 1, 2003 3067
The academic roots and evolution of real estate appraisal (1). (Features). Miller, Norman G., Jr.; Markosyan, Sergey Apr 1, 2003 8486
Gross living area adjustment shortcut. (Features). Leitzke, Dale Jan 1, 2003 3144
Compromising of a profession. (Notes and Issues). Peatfield, David F. Jan 1, 2003 2124
The Appraisal Profession at the Cross Roads. MacCrate, James R.; Peterson, David L. Jul 1, 2000 3824
How North American appraisers value contaminated property and associated stigma. Kinnard, William N., Jr.; Worzala, Elaine M. Jul 1, 1999 4319
Peak land values reflect outstanding economic climate. Michel, Eric Jun 9, 1999 569
Appraisal practice and Japan's bubble economy. Tsukamoto, Isao Apr 1, 1999 2280
Supporting capitalization rates. Accetta, Gregory J. Oct 1, 1998 2148
The appraiser and the takings regulation Love, Terrence L. Oct 1, 1997 2026
Least squares versus least absolute value in real estate appraisals. Caples, Stephen C.; Hanna, Michael E.; Premeaux, Shane R. Jan 1, 1997 3916
Partitioning and the valuation process. Balogh, Colin Jan 1, 1997 1954
Special benefit/proportionate assessment: funding for public improvements. Macaulay, Charles R. Jan 1, 1997 4164
"Free cash flow" appraisal ... a better way? Brown, Gordon T. Apr 1, 1996 5823
Highest and best use and the special purpose property. Finch, J. Howard; Casavant, Richard Apr 1, 1996 2102
Appraisal: science or art? Smalley, Steven P. Apr 1, 1995 4007
Sales comparison approach: revisited. Crookham, James Apr 1, 1995 2992
The corner adjustment. Gordon, William S. Apr 1, 1995 2605
Supply and demand considerations in residential subdivision analysis. Skolnik, Martin A.; Domingo, M. Carla Jan 1, 1994 3356
Evaluating interim uses. Galleshaw, Mark Jan 1, 1994 2924
The appraiser as an artist. Martin, Michael M. Jul 1, 1993 4200
Appraisers and the credit crunch. Benjamin, John D.; Deihl, Janette M. Jan 1, 1993 3932
Value: more than ever, in your eye. Shlaes, Jared Jan 1, 1993 3947
A review appraiser's perspective. Fisher, Christine A.; Wright, John H., Jr. Apr 1, 1992 2818
Crossroads to reform. Pietrowitz, Richard G. Nov 1, 1991 2477

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