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Practical working information marks technical sessions.

"I've been casting metal for 33 years, but every year these tech sessions teach me something new about what I've spent my life doing. I'm like a kid with a new baseball. Can't wait to get back and try a few new pitches at the old cupola."

This was just one of the many favorable comments about the depth and organization of the 12 sessions that made up the technical program of the Casting Congress, but this one seemed to best sum up the high caliber and practicality of the information provided by speakers and panel members.

The Saturday and Sunday show schedule added significantly to attendance at the technical sessions. It allowed employees from busy foundries the opportunity to see the show and still have a full work week back at the shop. Men and women from the same foundry often selected different sessions to gather as much information as possible.

Another measure of the intense interest in the technical programs was evidenced by the number of copies of preprints TABULAR DATA OMITTED of the various presentations purchased by attendees. More than 2000 copies of papers were snapped up by show attendees, a Casting Congress record.

Aluminum casting technologies again drew the biggest audiences, followed closely by foundry bread and butter interests--molding methods and materials, cast iron sciences and engineering principles.

In all, nearly 3700 foundry men and women attended the technical sessions, a remarkable figure representing nearly a quarter of the entire CastExpo attendance.

Technical papers are chosen on the basis of how well their contents relate to practical things foundrymen can do to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Whether the subject is the use of computers, how to improve pouring line production or starting up an evaporative pattern casting line, the mission of the Casting Congress remains the same--give the foundryman the tools and information he needs to do a better job for the customer and the foundry.
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Title Annotation:CasteExpo '93: 97th AFS Casting Congress, Chicago
Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Jun 1, 1993
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