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Practical Science for Gardeners.



The author proposes that a better understanding of the science of plants will make people better gardeners, and she has structured her book accordingly. She starts by explaining how plants get nutrients from the soil. She covers the names of the parts of a plant and how they work together, explaining how treating various parts in various ways can make plants grow robustly. The book explains what makes good soil, how to improve the soil in any garden, and how to keep pests away while attracting beneficial wildlife, such as butterflies, birds, and bees. Later sections get even more scientific by covering plant nomenclature, biodiversity, genetics, and the implications of genetic modification for gardening. The author manages to cover these topics while keeping the book understandable for readers with nontechnical backgrounds. Anyone seeking principles for improving a garden will find this book immensely useful. Timber Press, 2005, 176 p., b&w illus., hardcover, $24.95.
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Title Annotation:Books: A selection of new and notable books of scientific interest; book by Mary M Pratt
Publication:Science News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Aug 6, 2005
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