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Practical Food Law Manual.

PRACTICAL FOOD LAW MANUAL. Edited by Rowland A Rowell and Gordon S Gresty. In two volumes. Price: 155.00 [pounds]. (UK: Sweet and Maxwell Ltd)

As most readers will readily appreciate, there are numerous legal controls over food and all the indications are that even more legislation is going to be enacted to cover the food area. In recent times the growing interest in healthy eating has meant that ever more nutrition information has to be provided, and in a meaningful way. The problem of breaking down trade barriers throughout Europe has been the driving force behind much of the recent legislation. If one adds to that the efforts of scientists to develop novel foods and use new techniques for production then it is easy to see why the legislation business looms large at the moment.

Naturally the law must be a compromise to serve the interests of both the consumer and maker of food products. All this means the law is from still and this publication comes as a sturdy construction arranged to receive updating pages as and when they become available.

Now this text is not concerned with drugs and does not deal with hygiene matters. All the indexing is by food product type and the facts are set out to provide legal information on food composition, labelling, quantity and description.

What is bought to be unique about the layout of this text is that the reference section by food type provides easy access to information via the fourteen generic sections. Each section groups together analogous products which are set out individually in detailed references. Each of these references commences with a list of all subsidiary legislation applying to the food product. The references then continue with relevant definitions and required composition, labelling and weights and measures requirements. It is hoped that, armed with this information, readers will understand, from a legal point of view, how to produce, label and sell a food product.

The contents are somewhat different to the usual format - Table of cases; Table of Statutes; Table of Statutory Instruments; Part 1 - Reference section by food type; Part 2 - Food Act 1984; Other Acts; Statutory Instruments; Selected cases; and Specimen informations.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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