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Practical Baking.


Being a second edition says a lot for a book but a fifth edition must mean that it has been found to be a very useful volume over a long period of time.

This hefty book has been designed so that the text covers the righthand two thirds of each page; this leaves more space for those awkward-shaped illustrations. As the Preface says, the aim of this text is to inform bakers of recent developments in their field and its provides an overview of yeast-raised goods production. In comparison with the last edition, its thirtyfour chapters have been condensed into fourteen with special emphasis on bakery products. Initially, the text concentrates on basic ingredients then deals with production and preservation, followed by particular bakery products and special baking needs. New material, such as international bread roll formulations have been included in this new edition, and the opportunity has been taken of integrating information on production problems with specific products; thus, the cake information is all in one place.

Chapter titles run: Basic ingredients; General factors in production and preservation; Bread and rolls; Sweet yeast dough products; Biscuits, muffins and scones; Doughnuts and crullers; Pies; Pastries; Icings and cream and whipped toppings; Cakes and cake specialities; Cookies; Dietetic baking; Passover bakery products; `Natural' bakery products and pizza; and four appendices. The book concludes with a useful glossary of the terms used in the trade and a fulsome index.

The whole text is scattered with line drawings to demonstrate to the practical baker exactly how a certain product can be made. Obviously the text reflects a considerable American influence but nevertheless the list of products is impressive. In the text one finds information on a range of items like Vienna rolls, raisin bread, Middle Eastern pitta bread, brioche, toppings, whole wheat doughnuts, fruit pies, soft-filled pies, eclairs and cream puffs, cream cheese dough products, whipped cakes, combination cake mixes, cut-out or sugar cookies, bar cookies, macaroons, almond horns, enriched quick breads, etc.
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Date:Feb 1, 1990
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