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Poznanski, Ursula: Erebos.

(a) POZNANSKI, Ursula Erebos Allen & Unwin, 2012 418pp $19.99 pbk ISBN 9781742379531 SCIS 1542965

Books which are translated from another language can either be very clunky and difficult to read or fantastic depending on the translation. This translation of Erebos, however, is excellent. Originally written in German, it tells the story of a group of teenagers who get caught up in an online computer game with a difference. Like many online computer games you can earn trophies and points to improve your standing within the games points table. The difference is you have to do many of these things in the real world.

The book revolves around Nick who is working his way towards the inner sanctum of the game. The thing which is concerning him is that the real world tasks are becoming more and more extreme. Complicating his gaming experience is his relationship with the other garners and his paramour Emily. The story moves at an enjoyable pace with lots of action within and without the computer game. It will be familiar to any teen or teen like person who enjoys a bit of gaming and is an engaging action / thriller. Highly recommended.

(a) An outstanding book of its kind as recommended by the reviewer

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Author:Murphy, David
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Article Type:Book review
Date:May 1, 2012
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