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Powers, Richard. The echo maker.

POWERS, Richard. The echo maker. Read by Bernadette Dunne. 16 cds. 20 hrs. BBC Audiobooks America. 2006. 0-7927-4483-7. $119.95. Vinyl; plot, author, reader notes. A

When Mark Schlutter rolls his truck over on an icy patch near the Platte River midst the annual winter migratory visit of the Sand-hill cranes, he ends up with severe brain damage in an ICU. When he finally comes around, he insists his sister Karin is not his sister. Karin, while agonizing, does some research and e-mails popular author and cognitive neurologist Dr. Weber. He visits the patient and decides he has Capgras syndrome, i.e., denying that a loved one is who she purports to be. How did the accident happen? What does the mysterious note they find by his hospital bed mean? Who is the devoted nurse's aide, Barbara, and what is this intelligent woman doing in this low-paid job? Dunn reads this thoughtfully and carefully and with much insight. Her female voices are well done, as are some of the males, especially Mark. Those who like to read case histories such as The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat will probably enjoy this National Book Award finalist. Mary Purucker, Beverly Hills Pt, Beverly Hills, CA

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Author:Purucker, Mary
Date:Jul 1, 2007
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