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Powerful Virtual Reality Software Now Available -- VREAM Ships VRCreator Beta Systems.

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 31, 1995--VREAM today announced that it will ship a limited number of copies of VRCreator, its Version 2.0 virtual reality creation software product for Microsoft Windows, Windows NT and Windows 95, as part of its beta testing program. Targeted for production release in Fourth Quarter 1995, VRCreator lets its users quickly and easily create fully interactive, high resolution, textured virtual reality worlds or applications for the PC. VRCreator enhances VREAM's existing virtual reality functionality, incorporates the rendering features of the Microsoft Rendermorphics Reality Lab, provides full support for the integration and multimedia features of the Microsoft Windows operating systems, and facilitates multi-participant VR across local area networks and across the World Wide Web.

"More than ever before, we are making state-of-the-art virtual reality accessible to the masses for business or pleasure," said VREAM founder and president Edward R. LaHood. "This will be far and away the most robust and most affordable virtual reality creation software on the market."

Features of VREAM VRCreator

VRCreator is a complete, off-the-shelf virtual reality system, containing all of the elements needed to create fully interactive, textured, virtual reality worlds or applications running under Windows. Users create virtual world content with the VRCreator graphical user interface by drawing and texturing the objects that comprise the virtual world in 3D space. Users can also use VRCreator's 3D "clip" models and textures to place pre-made objects into the virtual world. VREAM is in final negotiations with 3D modeling companies to secure these properties. VRCreator will also support the direct import of 3D Studio .3DS files, including colors and textures, .DXF files, and other 3D file formats. Attributes, such as sound, motion, penetrability, throwability, weight and elasticity, and complex interactive cause and effect relationships, such as the ability to grab a cord to turn on a ceiling fan, can be assigned to objects to create the interactive components of the 3D world.

VRCreator allows its users to navigate through their virtual worlds in real-time. Objects can be grasped, moved and thrown in 3D space. All object attributes and cause and effect relationships are active as the user traverses the virtual world. Hooks out to external programs or databases and links to 2D controls such as buttons or pull-down menus are also made active. The software processes all of this information, as well as inputs from various interface devices, and renders each frame of the scene in real time so that the user feels he actually exists as an active inhabitant within the computer-generated environment.

VRCreator Incorporates Microsoft Rendermorphics Reality Lab for Fast Rendering

VRCreator will use the Microsoft Rendermorphics Reality Lab rendering engine. Among other things, this allows VRCreator to offer such advanced graphics features as real-time Gouraud and Phong shading, real-time Z buffering, real-time perspective-corrected texture wrapping, multiple lights sources, 8-bit, 16-bit and 24-bit color support and support for high resolution Super VGA graphics modes. The software will also provide super-fast performance levels, approaching 120K polygons per second on a standard SVGA Pentium 90 MHz.

Windows Support Enhances Integration and Multimedia Capabilities

VRCreator will be released simultaneously for Windows, Windows NT and Windows 95. VREAM will support the use of Windows features Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and Object Linking and Embedding (OLE), allowing VRCreator users to create real-time data and control links between VRCreator and other Windows applications. For multimedia developers, VREAM will fully support the Windows Media Control Interface (MCI), allowing its users to easily incorporate multimedia components such as sound and video into a virtual reality world or application. For advanced developers VREAM will also provide a VRCreator Dynamic Link Library (DLL), allowing developers low-level access to VREAM's internal API set and thus allowing VREAM's state-of-the-art virtual reality technology to be included as a component of a larger application.

VREAM was founded in 1991 with the goal of bringing virtual reality to the mass market. Today, around the world in over fifty countries, VREAM users are taking advantage of VREAM's virtual reality technology in a wide variety of application areas, including entertainment, business, education, medicine, engineering and financial services.

Beta releases of VRCreator are not available through reseller channels. Beta applicants must complete application forms and must sign nondisclosure agreements. There is a one-time $1,000 fee to enter the VRCreator beta program. For more information, contact Ken Gaebler, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, VREAM, Inc, 2568 N. Clark St #250, Chicago, IL 60614, (312) 477-0425. -0-

VREAM is a registered trademark of VREAM, Inc., and VRCreator is a trademark of VREAM, Inc. All other marks are properties of their respective owners.

CONTACT: VREAM, Inc., Chicago

Ken Gaebler, 312/477-0425
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Date:May 31, 1995
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