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PowerTracks Pro Audio 9 released.

PG Music Inc., 29 Cadillac Ave., Victoria, BC V87. 1T3 Canada; (888) 746-8742; $29 (special introductory price); regular price $49.

PG Music Inc. recently released Version 9 of its popular PowerTracks Pro Audio sequencing software for Windows with a "new look" workspace, automatic audio harmonies and more than thirty other new features for seamlessly integrated MIDI/digital audio music production.

With this new release, PowerTracks Pro Audio users now have the ability to load any MIni file, instantly view the "pro" chord changes on screen, render MIDI to audio with ease and harmonize any audio track with up to four audio harmony parts.

The new audio harmonies feature employs TC-Helicon technology to generate up to four harmony parts from any solo audio track, either vocal or instrumental. There are three different harmony modes available: Chordal Harmony mode determines the harmony parts based on the song's chord changes, Multi-Part Harmony mode generates harmonies from selected MIDI tracks in the song and Melody Pitch Tracking mode performs pitch correction, changing audio notes or automatic double tracking based on a MIDI melody track.

The "new look" of PowerTracks Pro Audio 9 includes floating, dockable toolbars and a new Tracks window featuring audio wave overview or MIDI piano roll display for each track in a macro view made for easy editing. Tracks can be labelled with instrument icons, and there's quick access to all the settings and effects for each track, including built-in DirectX audio effects and DXi software synthesizers.

PowerTracks Pro Audio 9 is available now for immediate download from or by mail, phone, fax or e-mail directly from PG Music inc., and also at leading music stores worldwide.

For more information contact PG Music Inc.
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Publication:American Music Teacher
Date:Aug 1, 2004
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