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PowerCerv Releases New Version Of ERP Plus Software Suite; Powerful eCommerce functionality, enhanced Customer Relationship Management integration and Linux support.

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TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 10, 2000

PowerCerv Corporation (Nasdaq:PCRV) released ERP Plus(TM) version 9.0 today, March 10, 2000. The ERP Plus software suite is designed to enable midsize companies around the world to more efficiently respond to customers, suppliers and partners at any stage of the relationship - from the initial sales call through the invoicing process, with ongoing support.

ERP Plus is a fully integrated suite of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions enabling true eBusiness by linking front-office and back-office operations with markets around the world. It is the ERP backbone that powers information exchange and enhanced business practices across the entire enterprise. With this release of ERP Plus 9.0, PowerCerv extends its platform support beyond Microsoft Windows NT and UNIX to include Linux.

PowerCerv's suite of integrated CRM and ERP applications now effectively erases the lines that traditionally divided the front-office (sales force automation and customer support) and back-office (manufacturing, distribution and finance) functions of middle market companies.

"The 9.0 version of ERP Plus is the most powerful release our company has made to date and puts us in an advantageous eCommerce position in the mid-market," said Mike Simmons, president and CEO of PowerCerv. "ERP Plus 9.0 offers unprecedented eCommerce functionality and tighter CRM integration. It allows everyone within a company to have up-to-date information at their fingertips and to know exactly what has been promised or said to their customers. Simply put, that's mission critical information to any organization's ongoing success, especially in the new wired economy."

eCommerce Functionality

Through eCommerce functionality in ERP Plus, companies now can connect to and share information with suppliers, partners and customers around the globe, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, in any currency, including the Euro. It allows remote employees, suppliers and customers to view a company's enterprise data, process orders online and visit storefronts that are always open.

John Montague, PowerCerv's senior vice president of marketing, said, "Our customers view the ability to integrate eCommerce solutions as a vital mechanism to strengthening their relationships across their supply chain. Our recently announced partnership with Sterling Commerce and the integration of our new eSeries into ERP Plus version 9.0 allows us to further leverage our suite of integrated CRM and ERP applications to enable and support true eCommerce."

Critical to a total eCommerce solution is the ability to add value to business processes. One example of the extended eCommerce functionality in ERP Plus 9.0 is the ability to do online credit card authorizations - streamlining the order execution process. ERP Plus 9.0 has the functionality to connect directly with major shipping carriers via the Web - automating the logistics of package processing including label printing, electronic billing and online tracking for ground, air express and less than truck load (LTL) carriers. These enhancements enable companies to leverage the Web to enhance business processes.

Another enhancement associated with this release is the implementation and customization of Web-enabled documents and forms. PowerCerv's customers now will have the ability to design their own forms, such as purchase orders and invoices, and automatically e-mail, PDF-enable and Web-deploy them.

Enhanced CRM Integration

ERP Plus 9.0 continues PowerCerv's commitment to Customer Relationship Management. SFA Plus 9.0 and Support Plus 9.0 comprise the PowerCerv CRM solution and offer improved functionality including contact management, opportunity management, time management, marketing automation, customer service and more.

PowerCerv's CRM solution offers the functionality of a best-of-breed solution while integrating seamlessly with the entire ERP Plus software suite. It also completes PowerCerv's end-to-end system to enable information flow from marketing, sales and service departments to manufacturing, distribution and financial personnel.

"Integrating Customer Relationship Management solutions with the enterprise backbone is the missing link for companies today," Montague said. "To provide a real competitive advantage, front-office sales and support functions need to draw heavily on back-office application data. Our seamless integration provides instant information that customer-facing, front-office employees need to keep customers satisfied."

Front-office Solution Enhancements

The ERP Plus 9.0 CRM solution - featuring SFA Plus(TM) and Support Plus(TM) - offers new functionality to end-users. SFA Plus 9.0 provides re-designed replication logic via Sync Plus(TM). Sync Plus enables fast and easy data synchronization and provides summary reports when data is exchanged between corporate and remote databases. Since users directly initiate synchronization, no additional IT personnel are required to configure and maintain the synchronization process. This allows remote users to have accurate, up-to-date information on customers all the time.

New Support Plus 9.0 enables users to better track and manage customer status, product registration, service issues, product returns, repair histories, and quote and sales order information. Support Plus 9.0 delivers enhanced product registration and warranty tracking capabilities with improved return and repair activity recording. These enhancements allow front-office support personnel to quickly initiate the return and repair process - resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Back-office Solution Enhancements

ERP Plus 9.0 delivers more than 70 enhancements to the back-office modules of the software suite - Manufacturing Plus(TM), Distribution Plus(TM) and Financials Plus(TM). Manufacturing Plus and Distribution Plus now provide enhanced functionality in all of the modules including full multi-currency support, RF/bar code capabilities, enhanced inventory look-up, improved serial/lot control, improved engineering change management, rework processing support and more - all designed to streamline back-office operations.

Financials Plus 9.0 provides full multi-currency support and features a re-designed Financial Report Writer, enhanced project accounting functionality, and more. The new Financial Report Writer in 9.0 offers powerful drill-down capabilities. This allows customers to look at summary reports, yet still have the ability to drill-down to detailed information - all the way to the transaction level. In addition, the new project accounting functionality allows users to track materials, overhead and labor relating to an unlimited number of projects.

Scott Galloway, PowerCerv's vice president of ERP Solutions, said, "As a continuation of our industry leadership, particularly as it relates to CRM integration, ERP Plus 9.0 enables our global customers to have immediate access to return and repair history, product registration and warranty tracking. This unparalleled integration - which includes radio frequency/bar code data collection and international, multi-currency capabilities - is ideally suited for middle market companies."

"In short, the end result of our new 9.0 version is reduced waste from back-office processes, reduced cycle times, improved communication between a company's front-office and back-office operations and increased levels of overall customer satisfaction," Galloway said.

About PowerCerv

PowerCerv delivers enterprise application software solutions to midsize companies around the globe. Featuring integrated CRM and ERP with eCommerce functionality, the PowerCerv ERP Plus software suite enables companies to integrate the management of front-office operations, such as sales force automation and customer support, with traditional back-office operations such as financial accounting management, order processing, inventory control, distribution and manufacturing. With ERP Plus, companies more efficiently respond to customers, suppliers and partners at any stage of the relationship - from initial sales call through invoicing and ongoing support. For more information contact PowerCerv at 813.226.2600, fax 813.222.0886 or visit

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Date:Mar 10, 2000
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