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Power to the people. (Letters From Our Readers).

One of the best things citizens can do to make sure that our National Wildlife Refuges are, in fact, refuges is to make their voices heard in the new planning process. Under a 1997 law, each refuge must seek public comment in preparing a "comprehensive conservation plan." There is no better opportunity to urge expansion of refuges, or the phase-out of incompatible activities such as logging or inappropriate off-road vehicle use.

As E pointed out, there are serious threats to the Arctic refuge, the Klamath Basin refuges, and others in this wonderful collection of sanctuaries. If we can help shape sound management plans for these places--which, after all, belong to us--then this system can live up to its great wildlife potential. To find out more, visit

William H. Meadows, President, The Wilderness Society, Washington, D.C.
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Author:Meadows, William H.
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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