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Power to the People.

Power to the People, by Laura Ingraham, 372 pp, hardback, $27.95, ISBN-10:1596 98516x, ISBN-13:978-1596985162, Washington D.C., Regnery Publishing, 2007.

When I first observed the title of this book, Power to the People, I found it to be somewhat alarming. I wondered whether the author, Laura Ingraham, had joined the other side.

I knew that she was an outstanding conservative radio talk-show host, but to me the title sounded like one of those same tired Leftist slogans that our country has been laboring under for the past 30 years or so, and with horrible consequences. Any concerns on my part were quickly dispelled when I read her introduction. She has given this slogan a positive rather than a negative connotation. She wants to return "real power" to the people. She writes, "Real power is not power over others as is the case with liberal elitists-it's the power to live our lives and raise our families in the manner we believe is best."

Power to the People is a powerful and well-documented book that contains many excellent substantiating quotations. Ingraham has not only captured the problems that this country faces, but she suggests reasonable solutions. She addresses with extreme clarity our big government, our elitist liberal media, our vanishing patriotism, our complacency, our border debacle, our "pornified culture," our activist judges, our ineffective schools, our "science trumps all world view," and our inappropriate position on separation of church and state. She calls the reader's attention to the importance of the traditional family.

She is a true patriot and unapologetically points out that she is a Christian. She feels that our country is losing its soul, and that "if we lose faith in God, it will be very difficult to keep faith with our duty to defend America, from without and within." If this book is any example, she is obviously not going to idly watch this country continue to be destroyed by the actions of the Left or liberal elitists. She states that this is no time for relativism.

Ingraham calls on dedicated Americans to regain through self-sacrifice what this country has lost. She extols the value of talk radio and the Internet in this quest.

Her witty and clear writing style makes reading this book very enjoyable. I particularly appreciated the last two sentences where she states, "God has given me a second chance. I hope I am worthy of it." Her recent battle with breast cancer has obviously had a profound influence on her life, and she plans to make a difference.

It is my hope that the vast majority of Americans will read this book, and that they will appreciate its message. It appears that this country is drowning in a sea of ineptitude and depravity, and that the author has tossed us a lifeline. The only question is whether or not America will grab it. This book is excellent and very timely.

Chester C. Danehower, M.D.

Peoria, Ill.
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Author:Danehower, Chester C.
Publication:Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 22, 2008
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