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Power suit for a powerful personality.

LAHORE -- Demanding the attention, it deserves, the power suit has been one of our favorite pieces since the 80s. Once a corporate ensemble, considered to be unpalatable as feminine attire, the suit has now been transformed to one adorned by only the most powerful female and male personalities of fashion and style, including the likes of Tilda Swinton, Katherine Hepburn, Diane Keaton and recently the Pakistani actress Sonya Hussyn.

Exuberating androgyny, the power suit strips the wearer off gender wars. Combined with relaxed tailoring and punchy shoulder pads, the classic power suit to date is a top contender for avant-garde fashion.

For a powerful fashion piece that is not contained by era or time, the wearer must compliment and share that power the suit holds. It was no surprise that we recently came across one of the more powerful personalities budding from Pakistan - Sonya Hussyn.

The actress had the fashion world buzzing when she was spotted wearing the suit at the Sharjah Stadium while supporting Karachi Kings for the 4thround of PSL.

Embracing color, the actress chose a stunning ink blue suit custom made by Shamsha Hashwani and styled by Sana Anverfor her first appearance at PSL 2019. While reinforcing her effortlessly cool aesthetic, Hussyn epitomized a modern version of the classic beauty from the 80s. The oversized silhouette combines the ballooning trousers with a loose-fit blazer. To further enhance the power of the suit, Hussyn chose stunning nude heels with minimal jewelry topped with very little makeup.

Sonya, already holds an incredibly strong appearance and is known in the fashion world for being avantgarde.

Stripped of conventionality, adorned with the rule-breaking suit, the actress embraces what it means to be a woman in present time Pakistan. She unmistakably communicates the power of the suit through her very own personality - a personality which is almost blasphemous to be overlooked, an aura that demands constant attention every time it enters a space. Here's to celebrating powerful personalities like hers - more power to you Ms. Hussyn!

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Publication:The Nation (Karachi, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Mar 1, 2019
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