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Power steering assembly spring update.


Dear Editor,

A unit ordered the spring, NSN 5360-00-795-6975, which is on the power steering cylinder assembly for M939-series 5-ton trucks. Then they learned that it's a terminal item! This spring is shown as Item 24 in Fig 317 of TM 9-2320-272-24P-1 (Feb 99).

Please tell your readers not to order NSN 5360-00-795-6975 for the power steering assembly spring. Instead, they can get the spring by ordering the steering drag link parts kit, NSN 2530-01-511-5844. The kit costs about $68.

I've submitted a DA Form 2028 so the correction can be made when the parts manual is updated. Your readers might want to pencil in the change until that happens.

Richard Brunson


Wiesbaden Army Airfield, Germany

Editor's note: Thanks for steering troops in the right direction, Mr. Brunson.

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Date:Jul 1, 2010
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