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Power of a shower.

Byline: By Jenny Parkin

Lazing in the bath can seriously damage your wealth.

Eh? Apparently those who wallow in the tub tend to earn considerably less than power showerers.

This, of course, goes against all that "me time" we're supposed to have.

You know, having a candlelit bath infused with essential oils. Relaxing, maybe reading, guzzling a glass of wine.

But that should probably be an evening thing, not a start to the day.

And who actually runs a bath and sits in it for hours? No-one I know. It's the most tedious, unrelaxing thing you can do.

For a start, it goes cold. If you light candles, you'll probably melt the edge of your plastic bath.

If you want to read a book you've got to lean out and dry your hands first. Then, of course, you'll drop it in the water and have to leave it on the radiator for days to dry - until it resembles an Elizabethan ruff.

Newspaper? Forget it. Nobody wants to have to wring out a dropped property supplement.

And drinking in the bath is just wrong, full stop.

But where was I? Ah, yes. Apparently 97% of people who earn over pounds 50,000 wake up with a shower, compared with just 57% of those who earn under pounds 10,000.

But then that's probably because if you earn over pounds 50,000 you'll no-doubt have a nice en suite and don't have to spend half an hour hammering on the door of the family bathroom.

Of course, this research has been carried out for a shower company, Coram. So they would say this, wouldn't they?

I am sure their showers are piping hot. But according to them a whopping 45% of high rollers frequently take cold showers - compared with only 14% of those earning under pounds 10,000.

Who on earth takes a cold shower unless they're stuck on a campsite in a weird country and can't twiddle the right dial to get the shower to run hot?

If you can't face taking the plunge in a completely unheated shower, women's magazines regularly advocate the softy option of turning the control to cold right at the end of the shower for an exhilirating few seconds.

Some celebrities swear by an icy start to the day.

Geri Halliwell apparently advocates not just a freezing shower but immersion in a cold bath.

But would it really do your career any good? I can't see queues of punters at HMV clamouring to buy Geri's records.

Then again, I once met someone who told me she took cold baths all the way through university to save money - and now she's a high flier in tourism. I must find out if she still favours an icy dip ...
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jul 15, 2004
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