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Power of Spirituality of Being.

India, Nov. 10 -- Years ago when I was transferred to an interior village mission against my will I was frustrated. My anger further increased when I was not given any responsibility except to offer Holy Mass daily for a community of four Sisters. It was a sudden transition from a hectic life of travelling across the country for organizing meetings and conducting seminars for various groups. However my practice of daily appointment with God and myself (contemplation), serious reading of books and interaction with the simple villagers enabled me to reinvent myself. I discovered my hidden talents of creative writing. I started writing articles and lyrics to express my emotions and ideas on various socio-political realities of the country. Every day new possibilities unfolded from my solitude and contemplation. Within six months I could complete writing a book which contained wisdom of the simple village people. In solitude I could listen to the voice of God and reformulated my vision of life with specific goals, policies and priorities which shaped my future mission which was to affect the lives of hundreds of lives. This vision and goals enabled me to write more than two dozen books in later years. Universal Solidarity Movement and many trend setting initiatives which I launched later were conceived during the short span of contemplation and solitude in this interior village where I was sent by force. In this village where I had no responsibility my presence became more powerful and effective than all my doings during the hectic life of the past. For the first time I realized the power of spirituality of being.

My conviction of the power of spirituality of being became once again confirmed during my recent visit to Sachidnanand Ashram in a village in Koorg 90 km from Mysore. I visited this ashram to meet Usha mataji who had written a letter a letter to me admiring the work we do through Universal Solidarity Movement. I was eager to have a firsthand experience of this French woman who had adopted India as her home since last 42 years.

After two hours of drive by a car when I reached Sachidnananda Ashram I was surprised to see a very simple house in the midst of trees. Usha mataji visited India at the age of 31 and had lived in different ashrams in the initial years and heard the inner calling to spend her life in contemplation. For the last 43 years she is living in this small ashram without going anywhere.

I was critical of ashrams and cloistered convents as they were not the way of Christ. Christ was an itinerant preacher who blended contemplation and action. He had a hectic life with people during the day and he spent the nights in prayer and contemplation. Moreover in the midst of hectic life Jesus was able to contemplate. He made contemplation his way of life without running away from the people. I remember the prophetic words of Baba Amte to a group of Sisters, "my dear Sisters, do not delegate your job to God". He was urging them to be alert and active in the service people who are in need, instead of praying to God to help them.

Usha mataji was prompt to answer my criticism when she said, "though we do not go out of this ashram campus we are available to people always". Being a trained nurse she comes out even during the prayer when people bring sick people to ashram. We welcome visitors even during the prayer. I could feel the family atmosphere when I saw the lady who helped in the ashram and her children sat with us during meals and discussion. "We want to be present for the people who come here. We are united with all people who suffer through our prayers. We update ourselves through magazines and books."

Once again I was confirmed of my own conviction that BEING can be more powerful than DOING. Consciousness is what makes difference. Consciousness makes the being creative, dynamic and even eloquent. She humbled me and once again reminded me that God reveals himself in diversity. Every one need not be hectic and crisscrossing the country to proclaim the Good News. Spirituality of being is equally effective as the dynamism of the active people who travel around the world to preach God.


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Publication:Indian Currents
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Date:Nov 10, 2014
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