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Power addicts.

This refers to Joel Butuyan's column 'Addicted to power' (11/5/18). I agree that 'when one enters politics without deeply rooted moral and ethical bearings, power intoxicates. And when one gets drunk with power, the line between right and wrong becomes blurred and eventually disappears.' We call them power addicts.

There are indeed some power addicts in our midst, such that they always fight at all costs to stay in power even when they no longer have fresh ideas, vision and the moral authority or character to lead our people.

Symptoms of power addicts include, but are not limited to, the following: self-glorification, distorted self-worth, display of messianic tendencies, excessive confidence in their opinions, being out of touch, and having their own version of history.

Simply put, power addicts identify themselves with power, and think they are synonymous with each other. They cannot live without it.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, 'Power is my mistress. I have worked too hard at her conquest to allow anyone to take her away from me.'

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Nov 19, 2018
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