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Power Circuit Breakers.

Tenders Are Invited For Power Circuit Breakers


1.1 This specification sets forth the requirements for furnishing outdoor, frame mounted, automatic reclosing, dead-tank power circuit breakers to the Electric Power Board, doing business as Nashville Electric Service (NES), for use on NES%s 23.9 kV or 13.8 kV systems. The Voltage, Basic Impulse Level, Ampere, and Interrupting rating of power circuit breakers will be specified in the Request for Quotation (RFQ). NES is aware that breakers rated more than 2500A with a nominal rating of 23.9 kV in the RFQ may not be available for purchase. However, breakers rated 34.5kV or higher voltage may be acceptable if the remaining specifications are met. 1.2 This specification covers power circuit breakers operated by spring type stored energy mechanisms. 1.3 This specification is applicable to Sulfur Hexafluoride gas (SF6 ), and vacuum interrupting circuit breakers. 1.4 Requirements of the RFQ take precedence over this specification.

Item Description:

Power Circuit Breaker With Minimum Ratings Of 23.9kv, 150kv Bil, 1200a, 22 Ka Interrupting Current And Shall Be Manufactured In Accordance With Nes Specification Number Eb148b-5.

The Bushings Shall Have Minimum Ratings Of 23.9kv, 150kv Bil, 1200a. The 1-3-5

Bushings Shall Be Equipped With One Set Of Bushing Type Current Transformers (btct) As Indicated In The Current Specification, The 2-4-6 Bushings Shall Be Equipped With One Set Of Btct As Indicated In The Specification.

Vacuum Power Circuit Breakers Are Preferred; However, If A Vacuum Breaker Is Not Available Then A Gas Breaker Will Be Selected. Oil Power Circuit Breakers Will Not Be Accepted.

As Provided In Specification Eb148b-5, Include A Total Of Three (3) Spare 23.9kv, 12 00a, Bushings For This Breaker. This Quantity Applies To This Stock Code, Not For Each Item Listed Below.

Per Nes Specification Eb148b-5, Six (6) Sets Of Approval Drawings Must Be Provided.etc.


3.1 The power circuit breakers furnished under this specification shall be complete and self-contained with all accessories necessary for complete operation when supplied with operating power from NES%s 208Y/120 volt, 60 hertz, 4 wire, 3 phase, AC source. Control power will be from a nominal 125 volt DC source supplied by NES. The control circuit will be interfaced with NES%s SCADA system as illustrated in the attached standard drawings C12834, Sheets 1 and 2 with all required control points wired to a conveniently located and labeled terminal board. 3.2 The power circuit breakers shall be 3 pole, single throw, dead-tank, outdoor, frame mounted, automatic reclosing, interrupting time 5 cycles maximum, reclosing time 20 cycles maximum and suitable for instantaneous reclosing service, without the necessity of de-rating. 3.3 The power circuit breakers shall be operated by a spring type stored energy mechanism, or similar approved operating mechanism. Specification EB-148B-5 2 3.4 Where gas und


Address : Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County ,,

Nashville Electric Service (NES),

Procurement Section - Room 305,

1214 Church St,

Nashville TN 37246,

Contact:Jay Thompson,

Country :United States

Email :

Tender notice number : T1601

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2015-09-08

Tender documents :

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Sep 1, 2015
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