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Power Amplifiers Drive Piezoelectric Capacitive Loads In Inkjet Printer Heads.

The MPA106 and MP204 are Apex Microtechnology's newest high power amplifiers targeting the piezeoelectric drive circuits used for inkjet printer heads. The MP106 is a high output power amplifier optimized for producing negative output voltages. The MP204 is a high output current quad-channel amplifier capable of 7.5 A pulsed current per channel.

The MP106 is optimized for driving negative voltages up to a -36 V swing across dynamically changing loads of 0-540 nF. For performance in driving inkjet printer heads comprised of multiple nozzles, the output signal for the MP106 is virtually independent from the capacitive load to ensure consistent print quality. The MP204 is a 4-channel power amplifier design that was developed for driving the Ricoh GEN4 and GEN5 print, or those similar. Each channel has a fixed gain of 14 V/V (22.9 dB) and is internally compensated to operate with capacitive print head loading.

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Publication:ECN-Electronic Component News
Date:Mar 1, 2018
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