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Help is at hand as thousands of people fall into fuel poverty trap. Dec 2, 2020 195
Extreme fuel poverty is on the rise. NEIL POORAN Dec 2, 2020 212
Tourism promotion to help improve economy, reduce poverty: PM. Dec 1, 2020 404
Raising awareness to stop fuel poverty. JOHN CORSER Dec 1, 2020 362
Crisis has left many in poverty. Dec 1, 2020 235
Poverty charity in call for research aid. Dec 1, 2020 175
Crisis has left many in poverty. Dec 1, 2020 235
Poverty: A Social Curse. Rida Sohail Nov 30, 2020 768
Pandemic puts decades of gains over US poverty at risk of being wiped out. Nov 30, 2020 805
A PS100 boost for hard-up families; ONE CHILD IN POVERTY IS ONE CHILD TOO MANY Sturgeon launches Covid winter payouts. TORCUIL CRICHTON Westminster Editor Nov 30, 2020 479
Pandemic the perfect time to increase foreign aid, not cut it. Chris Doyle Nov 30, 2020 1111
Landmark policy to protect women from poverty will lead the world and makes me proud to be a Scot. Judy Murray Nov 29, 2020 513
Sir Alex hails star's war on poverty; Football legend pledges PS2m to Rashford drive. Peter Swindon Nov 29, 2020 399
'We're the sixth richest nation and yet this is still happening'. KIERAN MURRAY, DAVE BURKE Reporter Nov 28, 2020 860
China's goodbye to poverty new inspiration for Pakistan. Nov 28, 2020 237
Struggling mum forced to tell daughter, 10, not to expect any presents this Christmas; The Sunday Mirror and Sunday People are asking kind-hearted readers to help Save A Kid's Christmas this year with families in poverty facing their bleakest ever festive season after the coronavirus pandemic. By, Laura Connor Nov 28, 2020 993
Fuel poverty will kill terminally ill Scots quicker this winter, charity warns; Fuel poverty will kill Scottish people quicker this winter as terminally ill people struggle to afford to heat their homes, end of life charity Marie Curie has warned. Elsa Maishman Nov 27, 2020 574
Pick up tab for future generations; BY SHONA ROBISON MSP Convener of the Social Justice and Fairness Commission - set up by Nicola Sturgeon to explore new ways to make Scotland a fairer country. SHONA ROBISON Nov 27, 2020 627
Fuel poverty an overlooked outcome of Covid crisis - Gina Davidson; "Coal burns. Coal is momentary and coal is costly. There will be no more coal burned in this office today, is that quite clear, Mr. Cratchit?". Gina Davidson Nov 27, 2020 650
Protect the magic of Christmas with your donation and make a child's dream come true; More than 4 million children in this country are living in poverty, according to official figures. What that means in practice is Mums and Dads being forced to cut back on food and clothes for their kids. By, Natasha Kaplinsky Nov 26, 2020 395
POVERTY IS NOT AN INEVITABLE PART OF LIFE; CHARITY IN PLEA FOR ACTION Save the Children chief says that promised financial support from UK and Scottish governments for families struggling during the coronavirus pandemic has never been more needed. SALLY HIND Nov 26, 2020 864
Over a third of region's children living in poverty; DATA SHOWS SCALE OF PROBLEM - AND PANDEMIC IS MAKING IT WORSE. KIERAN MURRAY and DAVE BURKE Reporters ec, Nov 26, 2020 931
... and Reds ace continues poverty fight. Nov 26, 2020 175
How Clean Nigeria Campaign Is Critical To FG's Poverty Reduction, Social Inclusion and Other Efforts - VP Osinbajo. Nov 26, 2020 781
Nigeria's Poverty Capital Status: Solution (2). Nov 26, 2020 1458
A [pounds sterling]5 donation to Save a Kid's Christmas appeal can rescue 4.2m facing festive period in poverty; We are raising funds for Save the Children UK so it can buy gifts and meals for some of the country's most vulnerable kids this year. By, Ian Hughes Nov 26, 2020 589
PS1.5m share aims to reduce child poverty. Nov 25, 2020 206
WHEN FOLK SAY THEY DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY, THEY REALLY MEAN THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY MONEY; ONE CHILD IN POVERTY IS ONE CHILD TOO MANY ANGELA'S STORY Daily fight of struggling families Over the next few pages of today's paper we highlight the shocking number of our kids forced to live in poverty. Years of cruel government policies have left a generation of families unable to provide the basics.. and vilified by the system that is supposed to help them. VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Nov 25, 2020 2042
nicola sturgeon In the midst of the hardship and sorrow this pandemic has brought, we must tackle inequality that still exists in Scotland today; ONE CHILD IN POVERTY IS ONE CHILD TOO MANY First Minister Nicola Sturgeon writes for The Daily Record. Nov 25, 2020 1063
We could fill Hampden nearly five times over with kids who are living in poverty. BRUCE ADAMSON Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland Nov 25, 2020 332
It's a national duty..not just an aspiration. TONY BLAIR Former Labour prime minister, 1997-2007 Nov 25, 2020 527
1IN4GROWS up hungry; ONE CHILD IN POVERTY IS ONE CHILD TOO MANY Years of cynical Tory cuts dating back to Thatcher have left many families unable to feed and clothe children by. CHRIS MCCALL Nov 25, 2020 966
Dig deep at Xmas to help charities ease child poverty; Record View. Nov 25, 2020 686
Child poverty: Heartbreaking data shows the scale of crisis in your area; New figures reveal that soaring rent and low wages -as well as cruel cuts -has seen a sharp rise in child poverty in the Midlands and Northern England over the past five years. By, Dave Burke Nov 25, 2020 1284
Mum and dad stuck in poverty trap forced to go without food so kids can eat; Sue Harvey, 35, from Falkirk, Scotland, has attacked the government's benefit system saying it means her husband Kev, 36, and their six children are unable to "better themselves" so they are stuck in poverty. By, Vivienne Aitken & Lorraine King Nov 25, 2020 849
Daily Mirror front pages show 'hidden horror' of child poverty from 1960 to now; In 1960, our 'Hidden Horror' front page shocked the nation as we revealed the story of the terrible living conditions many in Britain were living in. By, Keir Mudie Nov 25, 2020 295
Time Tories showed they care, just like Labour has. ANGELA RAYNER Labour's Deputy Leader Nov 25, 2020 310
Our mission is not just incomplete, it may be totally lost; Former Labour Prime Minister, 1997-2007. TONY BLAIR Nov 25, 2020 579
Every child living in poverty is a stain on our nationthat millions still do is nothing short of a national tragedy; CHILD POVERTY 2020: SPECIALMIRROR INVESTIGATION; Blair backs Mirror's plea to give kids a better future. KEIR MUDIE Nov 25, 2020 1367
Child victims of the class war; CHILD POVERTY 2020: SPECIAL MIRROR INVESTIGATION. JOHN PILGER Documentary maker and Mirror legend Interview Nov 25, 2020 668
Our mission is not just incomplete, it may be totally lost. TONY BLAIR Former Labour Prime Minister, 1997-2007 Nov 25, 2020 584
The News Brief: Pandemic pushes two million Kenyans to poverty. Nov 25, 2020 719
Period poverty bill Scotland: the campaign for free sanitary products in Scotland explained - and what is period poverty? There has been cross party support to provide free sanitary products for Scottish women and girls in a move that will be a world-first in tackling period poverty; There has been cross party support to provide free sanitary products for Scottish women and girls in a move that will be a world-first in tackling period poverty. Chelsea Rocks Nov 24, 2020 896
An Unplanned Capital Market Boom. Nov 24, 2020 1413
Families face 'poverty crisis'. TRACY-ANN CARMICHAEL Nov 24, 2020 575
China to achieve poverty-reduction target ahead of schedule. Nov 23, 2020 403
Pandemic, poverty and the current IMF programme. Nov 23, 2020 979
DPM and FM Demeke Says China Accompanying Ethiopia's Efforts to Reduce Poverty, Achieve Prosperity. Nov 23, 2020 320
Poverty, Major Cause Of Marriage Crashes In Nigeria, Says Group. Nov 23, 2020 409
Economic recovery, poverty reduction blueprint up for Palace OK. Nov 23, 2020 518
Pandemic, poverty and the current IMF programme. Nov 22, 2020 979
We'll be the first in world to end this poverty.. we're leading the way. Period Lennon's joy as long campaign for sanitary products pays off; PARLIAMENT SET TO INTRODUCE HISTORIC LEGISLATION. John Ferguson / Political Editor Nov 22, 2020 704
Poverty brings divisions. / Lisa Boyle Nov 22, 2020 233
PM: When others struggled, Bangladesh GDP grew to 5.24%. Nov 21, 2020 549
The best time for innovative healthcare is now. Nov 21, 2020 865
SMEs play crucial role in arresting poverty in rural areas: experts. Nov 20, 2020 595
Once a Caribbean jewel, now struggling with crippling poverty; Here, political commentator Daran Hill visits Haiti - the most poverty-stricken nation in the western hemisphere. Nov 20, 2020 1327
Poverty fears as benefit to be cut. Nov 20, 2020 373
Universal Credit cuts could see 60,000 more Scots 'pushed into poverty', ministers warn; More than 60,000 Scots could be plunged into poverty if plans to scrap the additional [pounds sterling]20-a-week Universal Credit payment go ahead, the Scottish Government has warned. Gary Flockhart Nov 20, 2020 573
The Best Time for Innovative Healthcare is Now. Nov 20, 2020 868
SMEs play crucial role in arresting poverty in rural areas: experts. Nov 20, 2020 545
Spiking teen pregnancies among poor deepening poverty-Popcom. Nov 19, 2020 665
Nigeria's Poverty Capital Status: Solution (1). Nov 19, 2020 1314
Ngige seeks EU support to lift 100m Nigerians out of poverty. Nov 19, 2020 398
Ending Poverty: The Olanipekun Template. Nov 18, 2020 1262
New fuel pump price'll further impoverish Nigerians -TUC. Nov 18, 2020 325
Crisis levels of pet poverty in the UK; LETTERS. Nov 17, 2020 185
Rising poverty in Nigeria worrisome -Obi. Nov 17, 2020 254
Poverty and widening inequality in Nigeria. Nov 16, 2020 1093
Poverty rising as number of Nigerians engaged in agriculture declines. Nov 16, 2020 350
China's Xinjiang shakes off absolute poverty. Nov 16, 2020 286
Most have no idea of what real poverty is like; LETTERS. Nov 16, 2020 267
Pakistan-China Institute holds conference on 'Poverty Alleviation'. Conference news Nov 15, 2020 269
Diri Wants Bayelsans To Have Confidence In Poverty Alleviation Scheme. Nov 15, 2020 358
Duterte in Asean-Australia summit: Redouble efforts to address extreme poverty. Nov 14, 2020 299
World Bank: Nations must work together to reverse setbacks to poverty reduction. Nov 14, 2020 836
City sets new poverty standards for2021-2025 period. Nov 14, 2020 513
Reducing poverty. Zain Abbas - Sheikhupura Nov 13, 2020 334
Inflation and SDGs. Muhammad Fahad Aziz - Islamabad Nov 13, 2020 243
Curse of poverty and bad housing; damning report blames social deprivation in west midlands for premature deaths and the coronavirus toll amongst ethnic minorities. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Nov 13, 2020 580
John Lewis launch new Christmas candles and pyjamas -with all profits going to charity; Together with Waitrose, it hopes to raise [pounds sterling]4million for two charities -FareShare, which helps those facing food poverty and Home-Start, which works with parents who need support. By, Emma Munbodh Nov 13, 2020 499
Poverty And Widening Inequality In Nigeria. Nov 13, 2020 1090
'Rice trade liberalization blunted poverty amid pandemic'. Nov 13, 2020 1006
Poverty And Widening Inequality In Nigeria. Nov 13, 2020 1099
Battling against pet poverty amid virus. Nov 12, 2020 185
Perou: Destitution du president Martin Vizcarra. Nov 12, 2020 600
Some pensioners spending 12 per cent of income on heating; "Fuel poverty is a very real risk for millions of households this winte". By, Neil Shaw Nov 12, 2020 622
Robbo speaks out on food poverty. Nov 12, 2020 246
Lockdown sees rise in pet poverty. Nov 12, 2020 185
Pandemic worsens pet poverty; letters. Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Letter to the editor Nov 12, 2020 185
Covid, low oil push millions of Iraqis into poverty: WB. Nov 12, 2020 558
Cheshire's 'poverty emergency'. Nov 12, 2020 318
Fight against pet poverty. Nov 12, 2020 153
Stars can set aside rivalry to try to end child poverty. Nov 12, 2020 329
Diri Wants Bayelsans To Have Confidence In Poverty Alleviation Scheme. Nov 11, 2020 341
COVID-19 and inequality. Nov 11, 2020 896
China's poverty alleviation strategy hailed as model for Pakistan. Conference notes Nov 11, 2020 723
More people died from Covid-19 in North than rest of England, new study finds; The report included a list of 12 recommendations to "level-up" the country, including renewed efforts to tackle child poverty. It also found 57.7 more people per 100,000 died in the Northern Powerhouse than the rest of England between March and July. By, Tom Wilkinson & Elaine McCahill Nov 11, 2020 353
Giving priority to the poor. Nov 10, 2020 1449
Lack Of Unity Affecting Fight Against Climate Change, Poverty a WHO. Nov 10, 2020 585
Ghana's current HIPC debate: Issue of form and substance. Nov 9, 2020 801
Council remains wary of Brexit economic effect; REPORT PREDICTS RISING PRICES AND MORE POVERTY. ED OLDFIELD Local Democracy Reporter @ed_oldfield Nov 9, 2020 648
How to claim free school meals this Christmas after PM U-turns on Rashford campaign; The government has agreed to spend more than [pounds sterling]400million to support poor children and their families over Christmas and Easter following a poverty campaign by footballer Marcus Rashford. By, Emma Munbodh Nov 9, 2020 1223
PM Hasina: Cooperatives can remove rural poverty in Bangladesh. Nov 7, 2020 599
Shoppers could help to tackle food poverty. Nov 7, 2020 168
Senator Sani Musa to lift 10,000 women, youths out of poverty in his constituency. Nov 6, 2020 533
In Equatorial Guinea, Covid rules are a blessing to crowded classes. Nov 6, 2020 756
Fighting Poverty Gov't Long-Term Vision: Ghani. Nov 5, 2020 337
Charity helping families struggling with poverty. Nov 5, 2020 447
Pakistan strives to learn from China on poverty alleviation. GHULAM ABBAS Nov 4, 2020 412
Banh Phggc Province anti-poverty measures yield excellent results. Nov 4, 2020 653
Vigt Nam to usecarbon-pricing toolsin effortto cutgreenhouse gas emissions. Nov 4, 2020 648
Children's food poverty is in the spotlight. Nov 4, 2020 265
Insecurity: Fayemi urges FG to sharpen intelligence collection, address poverty, unemployment. Nov 3, 2020 1011
Buhari's poverty alleviation, job creation programmes best in Nigerian history - Lai Mohammed. Nov 3, 2020 906
Food poverty, job losses and fuel price hikes... fears of a no-deal Brexit; WORST-CASE SCENARIO SPELLED OUT BY COUNCIL OFFICER. JEZ HEMMING Local Democracy Reporter Nov 3, 2020 848
Recovery needs development aid. Nov 2, 2020 719
KP Govt accelerates multi-sectoral plan to alleviate poverty by promoting domestic tourism. Nov 2, 2020 1519
KP govt accelerates work on plan to alleviate poverty. Nov 2, 2020 283
Why a chilly winter could give virus chance to take hold; As the'perfect storm'heads our way at pace we need to be ready, says MARK HENDERSON. Nov 2, 2020 1147
LEBANON 2020: URBAN POVERTY. Lara Shabb Nov 2, 2020 193
Fans going mobile with food scheme; FSF launch mobile pantry to tackle food poverty across Merseyside. MARK JOHNSON ECHO reporter @mjohnoreports Nov 1, 2020 496
Affordable insurance pushed for poor households. Nov 1, 2020 478
IFC helps businesses in poorest countries fight pandemic. Nov 1, 2020 170
Poverty fighting Bishop lands posh house in Gosforth. Ian Johnson Reporter Nov 1, 2020 658
The good pastor: Archbishop Helder Camara's work on behalf of the poor and marginalized shows us another way to live. Evans, Bernard Nov 1, 2020 1132
PM pleased' with report on reduction in poverty last year. Oct 31, 2020 206
PM vows to wipe out poverty through united efforts. Oct 31, 2020 590
Sustainable Development in South Asia- The World Bank Group is working to alleviate global poverty, promote sustainable development and increase prosperity in developing and underdeveloped countries. PEERZADA FAIZAN Oct 31, 2020 1303
Charity welcomes cash boost in fight against fuel poverty. ALISON RENNIE Oct 30, 2020 437
China to share experiences of poverty alleviation with Pakistan: Chinese officials. Oct 30, 2020 410
Madrid food bank swamped by 'new wave of poverty'. Reuters News Service Oct 30, 2020 357
IFC provides $4bn to businesses amid Covid-19. Oct 30, 2020 770
This is the child poverty rate where you live - as 1 in 3 UK kids go hungry; Almost one in three children in the UK lives in poverty, according to government statistics. Ethan Shone Oct 30, 2020 459
Immunization the best weapon against poverty. Oct 29, 2020 781
Pandemic gives new dimension to work of Negros poverty-alleviation group. Oct 29, 2020 391
Revealed, true extent of poverty in our city. ALICE RICHARDSON Local Democracy Reporter Oct 29, 2020 441
Poverty and Covid - a dangerous cocktail for levelling down, not up. Oct 29, 2020 394
Ghana is not in HIPC -Oppong Nkrumah. Oct 29, 2020 495
Buhari administration must address Nigeria's worsening poverty, unemployment without political prejudice - Tambuwal insists. Oct 29, 2020 581
Lebanese poverty rates swell across income groups. Vladimir Hlasny Oct 28, 2020 1677
The many new faces of Lebanese poverty. Thomas Schellen Oct 28, 2020 2067
FAO's Hand-in-Hand Initiative can help end hunger and poverty in Africa. Oct 28, 2020 1241
For the millions in digital poverty, local lockdowns mean utter isolation. Russell Haworth Oct 28, 2020 714
Learning poverty. Oct 28, 2020 363
Fuel poverty outreach help in time for winter. Oct 28, 2020 373
Poverty stalks US middle class amid pandemic. Oct 28, 2020 790
BBC urged to change Sports Personality of the Year rules to allow Marcus Rashford on shortlist; The Manchester United and England striker has been leading the fight against child poverty this year but is ineligible to receive the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year award for his philanthropy. By, Chisanga Malata Oct 28, 2020 337
Child poverty on the rise across region as PM urged to take action. Oct 27, 2020 474
Learning poverty in Pakistan may rise to 79pc due to Covid. Amin Ahmed Oct 26, 2020 663
Child poverty rises across the region over last four years, data shows. Oct 26, 2020 262
'Pay can save poorest kids from poverty'. EXCLUSIVE BY BEN GLAZE Oct 26, 2020 153
PROUD TO BE BRITISH; PM URGED TO MEET MARCUS ON FOOD POVERTY This award is for all those people who are fighting to protect our most vulnerable children every minute of the day ... they make me. EXCLUSIVE BY POPPY DANBY and BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor Oct 26, 2020 920
Messages on child poverty written on toys at MP office; protest follows his decision to vote against free half-term pupil meals. NAOMI CORRIGAN @NaomiCorrigan Oct 26, 2020 1043
Keep [pounds sterling]20 a week rise in Universal Credit, says study aimed at tackling poverty; EXCLUSIVE: The Trades Union Congress and Institute for Public Policy Research outline a plan to ease poverty among hard-up families. By, Ben Glaze Oct 26, 2020 838
Immunization Is the Best Weapon Against Poverty. Oct 25, 2020 921
Nograles attributes hunger, poverty among Filipinos to COVID-19. Oct 25, 2020 411
NASS, MDAs must monitor poverty reduction implementation -Ndume. Oct 24, 2020 336
Call for urgent action on child poverty. GRAEME WHITFIELD Business Editor @Graemewhitfield Oct 24, 2020 1807
#EndSARS: NASS, MDAs must monitor poverty reduction implementation. Oct 23, 2020 376
More efforts needed to help Mggng Nhe peopleachievesustainability. Oct 22, 2020 658
COVID-19 Could Push up to 175 Million People into Extreme Poverty, Expert Warns Third Committee, amid Calls for Repairing Entrenched Social Inequities. Oct 22, 2020 4682
Increasing poverty. Shahnoor Ameer - Turbat Oct 22, 2020 157
Charity warns of pet poverty crisis as pandemic hits owners' finances. Oct 22, 2020 253
Daunting impacts of child poverty cannot be ignored. Sara Al-Mulla Oct 21, 2020 921
356 M kids lived in poverty before pandemic. Oct 21, 2020 285
One in six children living in extreme poverty, World Bank-UNICEF analysis shows. Oct 21, 2020 810
One in six children living in extreme poverty, World Bank-UNICEF analysis shows. Oct 21, 2020 810
Charity helped those in poverty. Oct 21, 2020 208
Poverty trap cities need 'levelling up'. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Oct 21, 2020 457
One in six children living in extreme poverty, World Bank-UNICEF analysis shows. Oct 21, 2020 810
African Heads of State Call on World Leaders to Increase Investment to End Rural Hunger, Poverty. Oct 20, 2020 503
Analysis: 1 in 6 children lives in extreme poverty. Oct 20, 2020 885
A crisis of despair and deprivation... MIKE BROWN @MIKEBROWNGAZ Oct 20, 2020 1092
Child poverty at a shameful level. TRACY-ANN CARMICHAEL Oct 20, 2020 523
FPCCI for strong public-private partnership to address poverty. Oct 20, 2020 531
FPCCI for strong public-private partnership to address poverty. Oct 20, 2020 531
Xi calls for sustained efforts for victory against poverty. Oct 20, 2020 311
COVID-19 Threatens to Undo Decades of Progress in Eradicating Poverty, Official Says, as Second Committee Takes Up Agriculture Development, Food Security. Oct 19, 2020 673
Sania represents Pakistan at the World Bank's event on Poverty. Oct 19, 2020 461
Sania represents Pakistan at the World Bank's event on Poverty. Oct 19, 2020 461
'Capitalist dominated agriculture system results in food crisis'. Oct 19, 2020 528
End poverty to stop corona virus. Oct 19, 2020 764
Sania represents Pakistan at the World Bank's event on Poverty. Oct 19, 2020 407
Ehsaas celebrates Int'l Day for Poverty Eradication through interacting with beneficiaries. Oct 19, 2020 680
UN chief urges int'l community to stand by poor. Oct 18, 2020 409
Tax burden equal to 70% rate crushes Americans unable to pay it. Steve Matthews Bloomberg Oct 18, 2020 750
Pandemic threatens to push more people into extreme global poverty. Oct 18, 2020 528
Rural women be pulled out of growing poverty caused by pandemic: speakers. Oct 18, 2020 503
Community's plea to get city back on top of Covid cases; TIER 3 MOVE COULD PUSH MANY INTO POVERTY. Nicole Goodwin Reporter Oct 18, 2020 776
Ehsaas observes World Poverty Day; event highlights social and environmental protection linkages. Oct 18, 2020 532
Inflation, mismanagement and vulnerability. Oct 18, 2020 736
Ehsaas hosts virtual event to celebrate World Poverty Day. Oct 18, 2020 742
3-day conference demands to pull rural women out of growing poverty. Conference news Oct 18, 2020 566
OIC calls for human rights improvements on poverty eradication day. Arab News Oct 17, 2020 260
88.5% of Egyptian families benefit from food subsidy system: CAPMAS. Hossam Mounir Oct 17, 2020 940
Picture of poverty. Oct 17, 2020 380
It's time we put focus on the solutions to poverty; Poverty is not inevitable but there is a lot of work needed to rid Wales of it, argue Rachel Cable and John Griffiths MS in this rallying cry. Oct 17, 2020 594
CM message on International Day for Eradication of Poverty. Oct 17, 2020 169
Ambassador Haque lauds China's progress against Covid-19, poverty alleviation. Oct 17, 2020 306
CM message on International Day for Eradication of Poverty. Oct 17, 2020 169
Ambassador Haque lauds China's progress against Covid-19, poverty alleviation. Oct 17, 2020 306
OP-ED: How can we eradicate poverty? Oct 16, 2020 1237
Kogi LG polls: Former student activist pledges to tackle poverty at grassroots Poll. Oct 16, 2020 292
Marcus Rashford: Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown backs Manchester United star's call to end child food poverty; Boris Johnson should consider Marcus Rashford's proposals to extend free school meals during the Christmas and mid-term holidays "personally", according to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Conor Marlborough Oct 16, 2020 363
Almost one in four children living in poverty; Uni's new research is grim reading for Renfrewshire. STEPHEN HOUSTON Oct 16, 2020 348
Children in poverty miss out on free school meals. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Oct 16, 2020 612
Trump's waging war.. on us; WE RETURN TO TOWN FAILED BY BROKEN PROMISES The US president won office vowing to wage war on poverty and fight for jobs. But four years on in one of America's poorest towns, a former miner says.. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor, in Beattyville, USA Oct 16, 2020 1072
Trump's waging war.. on us; The US president won office vowing to wage war on poverty and fight for jobs. But four years on in one of America's poorest towns, a former miner says.. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor, in Beattyville, USA Oct 16, 2020 1073
Rashford: Help end child food poverty; mbe hero launches petition to force government to act. HELEN CARTER @helen_carter Oct 15, 2020 336
Highest increase of child poverty seen in region. KIERAN MURRAY Reporter @ReporterKie Oct 15, 2020 809
Mobilising resources critical to end poverty: Bangladesh. Oct 15, 2020 294
Child poverty soaring in the North East; calls for government to tackle families' hardship. KIERAN MURRAY Oct 15, 2020 685
More 110 -- 150 million people will live in extreme poverty, less than $1.90/day, in 2021: WBG. Nihal Samir Oct 15, 2020 932
Marcus Rashford launches petition to urge immediate Government action on child poverty; Marcus Rashford forced a government U-turn on holiday food vouchers back in June, but the Manchester United star only appears to be getting started on his fight to end child hunger and food poverty. By, Mark Taylor Oct 15, 2020 346
Wealthy need to give a little to halt rise in inequality. Cornelia Meyer Oct 15, 2020 942
Child poverty is an issue that should unite Scotland's politicians - Scotsman comment; What should be the measure of Scottish society? How should we determine whether the country we have created is a good one or not? Scotsman comment Oct 14, 2020 457
One in three Scots children in poverty in worst-hit areas; Child poverty has escalated in almost all areas of Scotland over the past six years, it has emerged. Scott Macnab Oct 14, 2020 686
Pakistan urges creation of facility for infrastructure investment in developing countries. Oct 14, 2020 416
Child poverty on the rise in most Scots council areas. ANDY PHILIP Oct 14, 2020 177
Third of children under 16 living in poverty in region, research finds. JOHN CORSER Oct 14, 2020 269
More than a million households at risk of extreme poverty despite Malaysia's rising median income, new study finds. Oct 13, 2020 850
The Cold Season is Beginning with Rise of Corona-Virus and Poverty in Afghanistan. Oct 13, 2020 991
World Bank confirms economic downturn in Sub-Saharan Africa. Oct 12, 2020 881
Rising poverty. Oct 12, 2020 340
Govt takes all-possible measures to alleviate inflation, poverty: Shibli. Oct 12, 2020 260
Govt takes all-possible measures to alleviate inflation, poverty: Shibli. Oct 12, 2020 214
Economic team: Another lockdown to kill more jobs, bury more people in poverty. Oct 12, 2020 761
Challenge Poverty Week: If Scottish Government is serious about child poverty, here's what it should do - Susan Galloway; Covid-19 has had the greatest impact on those with the least in our society. The public health crisis has exposed serious fault-lines and inequalities that already existed, and it's unacceptable that we have tolerated them for so long. Susan Galloway Oct 11, 2020 693
Marcus Rashford to highlight child poverty fight with special message during England vs Belgium; The Manchester United star is set to feature for England at Wembley against Belgium on Sunday, having been made an MBE in the latest honours list, as he continues his fight against child poverty. By, John Cross Oct 11, 2020 320
Social enterprise seeks to end extreme poverty. Oct 11, 2020 463
Rashford made MBE for campaign to end child poverty. Oct 11, 2020 208
Former FM: In tribute to Donald, let us work across border to end child poverty. Peter Swindon Oct 11, 2020 362
Desperate times call for out of the box mindset. Rathod, Faisal Saleem Oct 11, 2020 726
Pandemic is forcing families into poverty. Oct 10, 2020 439
Covid pushes 100m people into poverty: World Bank. Oct 10, 2020 493
BISP moves on dynamic digital social ecosystem to eradicate poverty: Dr. Nishtar. Oct 10, 2020 249
Rising Poverty. Oct 10, 2020 388
RASHFORD MBE: THANKS BORIS, BUT I'LL FIGHT POVERTY; Rash gong won't halt kids' fight. JOHN CROSS Oct 10, 2020 393
Poverty reduction in Ha Ngi a success. Oct 10, 2020 599
Scottish Government is working hard to tackle poverty as part of post-Covid recovery - Aileen Campbell; This awful pandemic has affected us all - there's not a community or person in Scotland untouched by its effects on our daily lives. And we know that some people and families have been hit hard by the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Aileen Campbell Oct 10, 2020 1172
Does Scottish independence matter more than lives blighted by child poverty? - Susan Dalgety; There is a set of government statistics that I have quoted several times on these pages, but they require repeating. Susan Dalgety Oct 9, 2020 1197
Cambodia's poverty rate may double, due to COVID-19's economic effect, says UNDP. Oct 9, 2020 786
Corona to push 40 million in Africa into extreme poverty - World Bank. Oct 9, 2020 503
COVID-19 To Add 150m Extreme Poor By 2021- World Bank. Oct 9, 2020 373
How To Invest In Agriculture Mechanisation. Oct 9, 2020 1009
New project to tackle poverty. TRACY-ANN CARMICHAEL Oct 9, 2020 551
PTI govt wiping out poor instead of poverty: Kamal. Oct 9, 2020 262
Resolution Of Education Issues Will End Poverty -Osinbajo. Oct 8, 2020 383
WB sees poverty rise, muted recovery over two years. Khaleeq Kiani Oct 8, 2020 957
Improving ASEAN Covid-19 response implementation key. Oct 8, 2020 1067
Pandemic could see poverty for up to 150m people, warns bank study. Oct 8, 2020 260
World Bank: Up to 150 million people could slip into extreme poverty. Oct 8, 2020 692
An economic revolution is underway in Ayrshire that could help rid Scotland of the scourge of poverty - Joe Cullinane and Peter Kelly; In the midst of the pandemic, there is a greater need than ever to use our resources wisely. Here Joe Cullinane, leader of North Ayrshire Council, and Peter Kelly, director of the Poverty Alliance, highlight how Community Wealth Building can help reduce poverty and widen prosperity. Joe Cullinane and Peter Kelly Oct 8, 2020 1056
Some takeaways of China's Poverty alleviation. Li Bijian Oct 7, 2020 1663
Resolution Of Education Issues Will Guarantee Right Path To End Poverty - Osinbajo. Oct 7, 2020 782
Gujrati beetal goat, an untapped source of poverty alleviation. Waseem Ashraf Butt Oct 7, 2020 377
Council backs poverty campaign. Oct 7, 2020 324
Coronavirus may push 150 million people into extreme poverty. Reuters News Service Oct 7, 2020 515
NASS Key To Lifting 100m Nigerians Out Of Poverty - Buhari. Oct 6, 2020 915
INS: National survey on household budget, consumption and standard of living for 2021 launched. Oct 5, 2020 226
Swedish Ambassador outlines the future of development aid to Cambodia. Oct 5, 2020 954
Universal Social Protection Floors, our Joint Responsibility. Oct 5, 2020 793
NASS Key To Lifting 100m Nigerians Out Of Poverty Says Buhari. Oct 5, 2020 425
Govt striving hard to raise living standard of people under poverty line: MD PBM. Oct 4, 2020 353
Govt striving hard to raise living standard of people under poverty line: MD PBM. Oct 4, 2020 163
Poverty Is A Common Enemy In Our Society, We Have To Fight It, Emir Of Gusau Tells DG NDE. Oct 3, 2020 366
OP-ED: How chickens can save us. Oct 3, 2020 1301
Pakistan, Italy share experience on poverty reduction. Oct 3, 2020 163
Pak, Italy continue to share vision of poverty reduction. Oct 3, 2020 218
NHS workers help in the fight against child poverty. Oct 3, 2020 243
Nigeria At 6O: Where Is The Future Amid Alarming Insecurity, Poverty. Oct 3, 2020 1580
3 million slip into poverty as Covid strikes economy. Oct 2, 2020 923
Save now to avoid old-age poverty. Oct 2, 2020 615
Celebrating October 1 together to defeat COVID-19 with greater solidarity and cooperation. Oct 2, 2020 1232
Ignored minority peasants crushed by poverty after Sindh floods. Mohammad Hussain Khan Oct 2, 2020 1541
families face food crisis; HEARTBREAKING TOLL OF PANDEMIC ON CHILDREN Charity boss reveals rise in kids plunged into poverty From pa ge 1 Food fears for many children. CARLA TALBOT Oct 2, 2020 594
Poverty issue is more important than ever before. KENNY MACDONALD Oct 2, 2020 505
CPEC's second phase people centric, directly benefits people by job creation, poverty alleviation: Ambassador Haque. Oct 2, 2020 1542
School staff get poverty gap lessons. JAMIE HALL Oct 2, 2020 458
Sustainable goals target pushed back. Oct 1, 2020 618
Great Achievements of the China-Cambodia Poverty Reduction Cooperation Pilot Project. Oct 1, 2020 579
Events focus on poverty. Oct 1, 2020 228
Managing Labor or Managing Capital: What to consider. Noha El Tawil Oct 1, 2020 1288
Influence of library relocation and marketing: examining zip codes and health disparities to serve consumers in East Tennessee. Petersen, David W.; Earl, Martha; Watson, Cameron; Grabeel, Kelsey Report Oct 1, 2020 2588
Universal Credit: will benefits be cut in April 2021 after this year's increase during the coronavirus pandemic? Poverty charities have warned that a cut to Universal Credit payments in April could see millions losing out on a "lifeline" payment; Poverty charities have warned that a cut to Universal Credit payments in April could see millions losing out on a "lifeline" payment. Sarah Wilson Oct 1, 2020 522
SNP accuses Westminster of forcing pensioners into poverty; The UK Government have been accused of allowing the elderly to miss out on billions ofPension Credit support. Alexander Brown Oct 1, 2020 550
Association between Medicaid expansion, dental coverage policies for adults, and children's receipt of preventive dental services. Khouja, Tumader; Burgette, Jacqueline M.; Donohue, Julie M.; Roberts, Eric T. Oct 1, 2020 6476
State earned income tax credits and general health indicators: A quasi-experimental national study 1993-2016. Morgan, Erin R.; Hill, Heather D.; Mooney, Stephen J.; Rivara, Frederick P.; Rowhani-Rahbar, Ali Oct 1, 2020 7150

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