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Poverty in the land of apparent plenty; LETTERS.

RECENT articles in the Daily Post indicate that the populace of Wales, especially children and the inhabitants of Rhyl are so impoverished that they struggle to put food on the table, yet visitors or casual observers to our shores could be excused for thinking that we are living in the land of plenty.

With school holidays over our roads have once again become gridlocked, where have all these people been for the past six weeks? Surely they can't all be teachers or lecturers.

Having recently returned from a trade fair, I have never seen so many size XXXL challenged people, "just trying to be understanding", as the food banks of Rhyl are running dry maybe they are being over generous. I also observed an explosion in the use of mobility scooters, I don't doubt that many are genuine cases but the agility many were able to hop on and off them made me question their necessity, then I remembered that hidden illnesses now qualify for a blue badge so maybe I'm being churlish.

I then read an article stating that a third of all food that we produce is discarded. Surely the time has come for school curriculums to prioritise the necessities of life, being food shelter and clothing, then if there's anything left in the piggy bank maybe think about purchasing a gadget or two.

I'm only joking, or am I ? Charles Jones Chester

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Sep 11, 2019
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