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NEW YORK, Feb. 7 /PRNewswire/ --, the first comprehensive Internet auction Web site dedicated to and focused on the poultry industry, today announced the business and technology leaders contracted to create and administer the innovative Web site, including Quidnunc, Moai, Art Technology Group (Nasdaq: ARTG) and Digex. Unveiled at the International Poultry Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia, last month, the site serves as the leading gateway to the poultry industry throughout the world., created by Jose Pablo Chaves and Johnny Vega, offers a full range of services including e-commerce tools in a competitive open auction environment for the procurement of poultry products. The Web site contains current relevant information on advances and developments within the international poultry industry, access to a wide-variety of product catalogs, and an online community to share pertinent industry information.

"By combining the expertise of the leading Web-based business and technology firms with our comprehensive background of the poultry industry, makes it simple and more practical for buyers and sellers to obtain important time and cost savings resources in the procurement of poultry products."

The Web site was designed by leading global e-business solutions provider Quidnunc, which used its trademark Scenario Modeling(TM) and Risk Mapping(TM) techniques to design the site. Quidnunc's approach fully integrates strategy, technology, and communications into its delivery framework. has established an ongoing relationship with Quidnunc and continues to work with them closely for further development of the site. This relationship ensures visitors are provided with the latest technology and resources for successful navigation of the site.

The site has also distinguished itself from other e- commerce sites by combining the innovative technologies of Moai and Art Technology Group. Seldom is an e-commerce site found that supports both customized online dynamic commerce solutions with Web applications built specifically for the needs of the online commerce market. The is full-service site satisfying all demands of the poultry industry from commerce and catalog to content and community.

The site is hosted by Digex, Inc., a leading provider of Web and application hosting services for some of the world's leading companies. is a privately held company headquartered in New York.
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Date:Feb 7, 2000
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