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Poultry Plant Reopens Near Baghdad.

January 29 2010 -- A poultry plant near Baghdad has reopened, the US government has announced.

The Al Kanz poultry processing plant, in Yusifiyah, closed in 2004 due to the poor condition of its facilities and the lack of poultry producers. Refurbishment work began in March 2008.

Capt. Bobby Lumsden, an operations officer with the 1st Cavalry Division's 120th Combined Arms Battalion, 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team, said: "The plant is the only functioning processing plant that can take live chickens direct from the farmers, completely prepare them, freeze them, and deliver them to the market."

Juan Alsace, team leader of the US Agriculture Department's embedded provincial reconstruction team, said: "In the early 1970s, this region, which used to be nicknamed 'the triangle of death,' exported poultry and agriculture. The infrastructure was here; we just had to refurbish what was already in place."

The plant produces fresh halal chicken.
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Publication:Feedinfo News Service
Date:Jan 29, 2010
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