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Potty over hipps.

Hippeastrums are just beautiful although I can't stop calling them amaryllis. They make great presents and this can be their downfall as people throw them away when they've stopped flowering.

They like free-draining, good-quality compost. I add grit to a few handfuls of compost for the bottom of the pot and a handful of pearlite to the top. When potting ensure you can get your thumb between the bulb and the pot all the way around.

Fill the pot to two-thirds then place the bulb on top. Fill it again, leaving the top half of the bulb clear of compost. Keep the compost moist but not soaking. Water where possible. You should give them a weekly tomato feed at half strength once the flower buds have become visible.

Place on a south-facing windowsill that is not over a radiator and re-pot in fresh compost yearly.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 17, 2015
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