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Potential Benefit Of A Field-of-view Assistant.

Contract notice: potential benefit of a field-of-view assistant.

Between 2010 and 2015, Three studies (fe 82.0378 / 2010, Fe 82.0542 / 2012, Fe 82.0615 / 2014) were conducted under the direction of bast. The aim of these studies was to investigate the causes of driving errors of older drivers and, Secondly, To derive the resulting specific support needs, Especially for older motorists, From the results. In a driving simulation study, The extent to which the developed assistance system could provide benefits for (especially older) motorists was tested. In the first two studies, Visual-spatial attention was measured during performance of a similar task in the laboratory using behavioral data, And evoked potentials were derived by deducing brain currents (eeg) to gain more accurate information about the processing of information. The results show clear differences in visual attention performance between younger and older drivers. From these results it can be inferred that older drivers perform comparable performances as younger ones, If the peripheral information (here: Light stimuli) are presented as close as possible to the central facial field. In the third project, A driving simulator study investigated whether elderly driver vehicles appearing in the periphery perceive better and faster when a warning is given to them, Possibly via a head-up display near the central facial field. The results showed that all drivers and, Above all, The older ones benefit from such a system in which stronger braking performance was shown than without warning. The eeg findings show that the warning in the central field of the face is preceded by an earlier cognitive processing of the visual stimuli, Which explains an earlier braking reaction. As a total result of the three studies it can be stated that a warning system acting centrally in the field of vision can possibly avoid collisions when traffic objects such as vehicles, Pedestrians, Cyclists etc. In the peripheral area (60 to 90 viewing angle from the point of sharpest sight (fovea centralis) which may not be noticed or perceived by the driver because of increased effort or distraction. Thus, An embodiment of the assistance system which is specifically designed for an assistance of the driver in the 60 - 90 field of view is taken as the basis. Based on these study results, The question arises as to which type of accident (collision) can avoid a "visual field assistant" (peripheral assistant, Which can be understood as a kind of visual warning in the central field of vision). Information on traffic accidents is needed, In particular considering perception psychological causes of accidents. The purpose of this planned project is to investigate the possibility of avoiding accidents with the help of a suitable cause list if a central warning system, As described above, Had existed at t


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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Nov 2, 2017
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