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Potatoes for strokes? The eyes have it!


Evidence continues to mount that eating "good" food is good for our health. Researchers have confirmed earlier reports that high dietary potassium intake reduces the risk of stroke-related deaths. In fact, say Drs. Kay-Tee Khaw and Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, co-authors of a 12-year study, "Adding a single serving of fruit or vegetables to their daily menu may enable adults to cut their as much as 40 percent."

Foods high in potassium include such American diet mainstays as potatoes, bananas, orange and grapefruit juices, green vegetables, fish and chicken. Although bananas have often been recommended for their potassium content, potatoes actually contain more potassium per calorie than bananas, suggests Dr. Louis Tobian, a University of Minnesota professor. That's good news for our potato-loving society. (Medical World News, June 12, 1989; 30:11:30.)
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Publication:Medical Update
Date:Aug 1, 1989
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