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Pot light bronze.

Independent Chemical Corporation 718-894-0700

INGREDIENTS                                                         WT%


White beeswax (beeswax)                                             4.4

Microcrystalline wax                                                7.8

Myristol 2-8-12 (Vevy Europe/Independent Chemical)                  3.4
(Octyldodecyl myristate)

Bergacare 89 (Berg+Schmidt/independent Chemical)                    3.0
(Ethylhexyl isononanoate)

Isolene (Vevy Europe/Independent Chemical) (Glyceryl                4.5
dipalmitate (and) glyceryl distearate (and) glyceryl
dimyristate (and) glyceryl dilaurate)

Bergacare FG 5 (Berg+Schmidt/Independent Chemical)                  4.6
(Ethylhexyl palmitate (and)ethylhe>cyl stearate (and)hydrogenated
olive oil unsaponifiables (and) caprylic/capric triglyceride)

Isostearene (Vevy Europe/Independent Chemical)                      3.5
(Isodecyl laurate)

Bergacare IN 2 (Berg+Schmidt/ independent Chemical)                 3.0
(Isononyl isononanoate)

Trilipidina (Vevy Europe/ Independent Chemical)(Glyceryl            4.0
Monolaurate dioleate (and)glyceryl monopalmitate distearate)

Lipotrophyne-A (Vevy Europe/Independent Chemical)                   3.0
(Linoleic acid (and) linolenic acid (and) arachidonic acid (and)
lecithin (and)glycine soja sterols (and) glycine soja oil (and)

Freedom Hyaluronate L(Freedom Actives/independent                   3.0
Chemical)(Sodium hyaluronate (and) ricinus communis
(castor) seed oil (and) hydrogenated castor oil)

Filagrinol (Vevy Europe/Independent Chemical) (Pollen extract       3.0
(and) glycine soja (soybean) oil unsaponifiables (and) olea
europaea (olive) oil unsaponifiables (and) triticum vulgare
(wheat) germ unsaponifiables)

Cetacene (Vevy Europe/Independent Chemical)                         5.5
(Acetylated glycol stearate)

Polyethylene Wax (Polyethylene)                                     1.0

Tirioxene LV (Vevy Europe/                                          4.0
Independent Chemical) (Isodecyl Citrate)

Monochromatic White Paste (Vevy Europe/Independent                 21.8
Chemical) (Titanium Ddioxide (and) Skyline*)

Monochromatic Yellow Paste (Vevy Europe/Independent                 5.1
Chemical) (Iron Oxide Yellow (and) Skyline*)

Monochromatic Red Paste (Vevy Europe/Independent                    1.5
Chemical) (Iron Oxide Red (and) Skyline*)

Monochromatic Black Paste (Vevy Europe/ Independent                0.75
Chemical) (Iron Oxide Black (and)Skyline*)

Vyox G (Vevy Europe/Independent Chemical) (Lecithin (and)           0.1
tocopherol (and) ascorbyl palmitate)

Etaphen (Vevy Europe/Independent Chemical)                         0.15
(Phenethyl alcohol)

Phenoxyethanol (Vevy Europe/Independent Chemical)                  0.15

Polyamide                                                           4.0

Methacrylate                                                        4.0

Coated Mica (Mica)                                                  5.0

PROCEDURE: Pot Light Bronze using oil soluble hyaluronic acid and
innovative pigment dispersing technology with no milling or heating.
* Skyline INCI: C10-18 Triglycerides (and) polyisoprene (and)
Aacetylated glycol stearate (and) glycine soja oil (and) lecithin.
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