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Pot calling kettle.

In reply to Councillor Chris Abbott's letter (Unfair Attack By Hot-head, 14.10.04), I must state that both myself and my husband, 80 and 81 respectively, sat through about two hours of droning voices at the meeting over Coatham Enclosure, as did about 200 other caring people, and believe me, we all felt like hot heads.

We were told to listen while pages and pages of council diatribe were trooped out.

We may be senior citizens, but our fight, along with other people, is for the future of Coatham, and whether it has been with letters, exhibitions or leaflets and booklets, we have said all along that all we wanted was a decent area, a tidy up generally, and a swimming pool.

What do we get landed with? A new town at Coatham end and a complete shutdown of the whole of Redcar town.

I don't know how long the meeting was supposed to last. I do know that our defence put over by Mr Cooper and Mr Ken Kime was articulate and to the point.

Mr Chris McGlade was goaded beyond endurance as we all left, but we were able to walk out. Unluckily he could not. Shame on you big fish in little pools.

C CHANEY ALTON, Coatham, Redcar

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FOR Cllr Abbot (14.10.04) to criticise Mr McGlade and use the word diatribe in his criticism is hypocritical in the extreme.

This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Having served as a councillor for eight years on Redcar & Cleveland Council I, along with many other councillors, had to frequently suffer outpourings from Cllr Abbott. On occasions his outbursts were followed by him leaving the council chamber.

Mr McGlade is rightly steamed up over the Coatham enclosure issue.

C DAVIS, Redcar
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Title Annotation:Gazette Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Oct 28, 2004
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