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Postural sway with TCAs, SSRIs. (Clinical Capsules).

The risk of falls in depressed elderly patients does not appear to be linked to the postural sway associated with antidepressants, reported Dr. David C. Mamo and his associates at the University of Pittsburgh.

In a randomized, double-blind trial of 42 patients (mean age 73 years), postural sway was measured at baseline and following 6 weeks of treatment with paroxetine or nortriptyline.

Patients who were able to stand unassisted for 5 minutes and could keep their eyes closed for 20 seconds were evaluated both with their eyes open and dosed while standing on a force platform (Am. J. Geriatr. Psychiatry 10[2]:199-205, 2002).

"We found no significant change over time in the ratio of postural sway with eyes open to eyes closed in either treatment group," the investigators said. "The association between antidepressant medication and falls in the elderly population may be the result of the depressive disorder and concomitant neurologic and medical deterioration, rather than a result of the antidepressant treatment."
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Date:Jun 1, 2002
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